Vaccine fascism – by Fra Hughes

The rush to get citizens vaccinated proceeds apace.

The speed of vaccination depends on several variants not unlike the disease it is trying to combat.

While Covid19 mutates and changes, the original vaccine has to date remained the same.

While conspiracy theorists may deride the vaccine program as part of a new world order master plan for depopulation, tracking technology, biometric data collection, spyware etc it must be argued that China and Vietnam, Venezeula and Russia, Cuba and Iran would not be involved in a organised attempt to manipulate the species.

I would not be surprised if western capitalist and imperialist States did manipulate the vaccines for some as yet unidentified goal but with China, Russia, Cuba and others developing their own stand-alone vaccines, I feel sure there is no ulterior motive for them other than protecting their citizens health and life.

We were informed that herd immunity would act as a natural antagonist to Covid 19.

Once the death rate became apparent the scientific advice  changed to a full-blown vaccination program.

Then we were led to believe that the vaccine would prevent transmission of this corona virus and once 70-80% of the population were vaccinated all would be well.

This has changed too.

Many argue, as the scientific data changes, so must our response. I would like to make the following observations.

Firstly it was the elderly and those with weakened immunity and underlaying health concerns who were most at risk.

Kids were OK but seen to be carriers and schools were super spreaders.

Now I won’t do a history of Covid here but I will simply point out the following:

A vaccination is not immunisation.

Those who have been vaccinated can still contract and pass on the virus 

The evidence suggests those who are vaccinated have some degree of protection against the most severe of reactions to the disease.

Once those who were most at risk had been vaccinated then we as a society could relax.

Now children who do not appear to suffer from the severest reaction to the virus are to be vaccinated.

We are being told that Covid 19 is here to stay like an unwelcome visitor. The general population will need annual or bi annual booster vaccinations for the foreseeable future if not in perpetuity.

Finally we are in the end game.

There is further mass encouragement for all those who have not yet been injected to take the vaccine 

A combination of fear propagated by the government, coupled to bribes such as a free Big Mac after you get your jab, are being promoted by the media.

The use of coercion has come very much to the fore .

The message has changed. First we were told to get vaccinated in order to save the lives of the people we love and care about 

Granny and granda, mum, dad , and older neighbours who might be frail and weak.

Then the message was, get the jab so you won’t pass it on and if you get it, you will not need hospitalised or die if you are relatively healthy.

Now the message has changed to, those who are not vaccinated, are a danger to the rest of us. They should be isolated from social society.

Nurses, carers, teachers and many front line staff should not have direct contact with the public.

All those not vaccinated may be refused entry to cinemas, restaurants ,bars ,theatres indeed any indoor social environment.

Let us remember those who are vaccinated are just as much at risk of contracting and passing on Covid 19 as those who are not vaccinated.

In fact those who are not vaccinated are more at risk from the effects of the virus than those who have been vaccinated.

Anyone vaccinated could have the virus. They may be asymptomatic, a super spreader putting many other people at risk.

The proposal that unvaccinated people  may not socialise with the rest of society is I believe just another attempt to coerce the citizenry to take up the vaccine.

Now that these coercive threats are actually being initiated into law in Germany and other places, is it time to ask how far this pariah legislation will evolve?

If people who are not vaccinated cannot sit near you in a restaurant, should they be able to stand  next to you in shop,  in the post office , at the bank, at the doctors surgery or at the school gates?

How will we know who is vaccinated and deemed safe and who is not vaccinated and deemed dangerous?

Will you let your child sit beside an  unvaccinated friend in school or play  together in the school yard or in the street?

We are not far away from vaccine fascism.

Please remember while the vaccine producers remain immune from prosecution for any and all side effects and deaths from the use of the vaccine then vaccination will remain a  choice.

The government  will not make it compulsory because it cannot stand over the complete safety of the vaccine.

Everyone who has accepted the vaccine has accepted the inherent risk from  potential side effects.

In Germany the enemies of the state were given visible badges to alert others and state official’s that these were dangerous people.

Red badges were made to be worn by socialists and communists; those of Jewish descent were given yellow badges.

Are we heading for a time were people who choose not to be vaccinated are treated as pariah putting the rest of society in mortal danger?

How will we know them. How will we avoid them. How will we isolate them and bully them into vaccination? 

Is it time we made them wear a badge?

Maybe a symbol for the Covid 19 virus.

Something visible that conveys the message ‘Beware stand back step aside‘?

I would suggest a bell around their necks but I think that’s been tried before.

What’s your suggestion? How about home schooling for the under 11s who are not vaccinate?. That might be a start. Teach the non vaccinated a lesson. 

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