A MODEST PROPOSAL by Donal Kennedy

During the past 50 years various Irish State Agencies and Bodies established by the State have engaged in a concerted attempt to destroy it. The Department of Foreign Affairs and RTE have combined forces in the Irish Embassy in Brussels, for instance, and the Embassy in London had Ambassador Mulhall, through ignorance or malice, repeat the falsehood that Irishmen returning from WW1 were shunned by their neighbours and that the story of the Irish at Gallipoli was airbrushed out of history.

Ruairi Quinn,  an ex-Minister for Education, could repeat the canard that the Second World War was described by the Irish media  as “the Emergency.”  The so-called “National”newspapers, worked faux canard with the State Agencies to subvert it.

The BRITS, when their 1939-1945 Emergency was over determined that “LORD HAW-HAW” should hang. He was not charged with homicide. He devoted his life, apparently sincerely, to a foul cause and as an adult did it by propaganda.

As a teenager,  we are told by Conor Cruise O’Brien,  William Joyce was believed an accessory to the murder by British Auxiliaries of Father Griffin in County Galway. The Brits never held that against him.

My modest proposal is that after the next Irish General Election the Offences Against The State Act be amended and the renegades who sought to destroy the State be charged under it, and if found guilty imprisoned or heavily fined and barred from state employment and pubic office for five years.

It might just put manners on the scoundrels.

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