All the news that’s… by Donal Kennedy

You should note I present you with synonyms. The paper’s essence is  treasonable tripe.

It is run by an oathbound, secret, unaccountable, untrustworthy “Trust” set up by Lord Arnold Goodman.

For many years Goodman managed the finances of Lord Portman, and swindled him out of millions of pounds. As Mae West once quipped “GOODNESS had Nothing to do with it.”

Goodman was acting for British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and was Wilson’s favourite “fixer.”

Wilson was acting on the advice of Sir Andrew Gilchrist, British  Ambassador to Ireland at the time (1969).

According to Wikipedia, Gilchrist, when Ambassador to Indonesia in 1965 masterminded a coup d’etat there which cost up to a million civilian lives. JOHN PILGER has written about that coup in detail.

British Navy ships carried some of the assassins between islands.

The IRISH TIMES employs many Irish renegades and bigoted anti-Catholic ex-Catholics. It sometimes gives Catholics who serve its slavishly Anglophile agenda access to its columns,

The paper has a section headed “Opinion and Analysis”  putting the cart behind the horse.

It has a subsection, apparently nodding to Religion, headed “RITE AND REASON”.

One might think it subscribe to Lenin’s policy of  encouraging “USEFUL IDIOTS” unless you have read the contribution of Seamus Murphy SJ to the Centenary of 1916 Rising.

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