Between the 13th and 24th of October Israeli newspapers have published 13 stories that reflect little credit on the Israeli Government or its agencies in their treatment of Palestinians, according to an email passed to me.  

I cannot myself establish if the email correctly quotes the papers mentioned, But if the stories, which you can check here were published in Gentile publications in Britain or Ireland, those publications would be damned as anti-Semitic by the Israeli Government and its cronies.   

Many, many Jews, including Zionist Jews disagree with their Governments’ (however constituted) treatment of Arabs.   

Incidentally, Arabic is a Semitic language, with many more speakers than Hebrew or Yiddish. Anybody who hates Arabs for being Arabs, or Jews for being Jews is an anti-Semite.   I have worked and partied for years with many Jews, as decent people as you could wish to meet. Similarly with Moslems of many nationalities. But I have had very little contact with Arabs   But I know that some Jews and some Arabs and a helluva a lot of my Irish compatriots are world-class SOBS. I take people as I find them.
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