Armagh Virumque Cano 

Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh, did not deserve to be hanged. But he was, after a trial in London in 1681.

He was martyred for his Faith. But it took until 1975, a full 294 years for a Pope, (Paul VI) in Rome to declare him a Saint.

Neither Pope Paul VI nor his successor John Paul II were martyred.

Paul VI was Canonised in 2018, a mere 41 years after his 1978 death.

John Paul II was Canonised in April 2014 a mere 9 years after his Death (April 2005)

I do not disbelieve in miracles, But I firmly believe that jiggery-pokery and political manipulation play part in international affairs.

Both the British and the Papacy have form there.

Would the British have taken umbrage had Plunkett been canonised 9 years after his 1681 murder? Or 90 years, 190 years?

Would the Papacy have taken account of British displeasure? I bet it would.

In the early 19th Century the Catholic Hierarchy in Ireland, were at one with both the British Government and the Papacy, in opposition to the forces let loose by the French Revolution, and was prepared to give the Brits a veto over nominees to Irish Bishoprics. Daniel O’Connell, at one with the Vatican and the Brits in opposition to French ideas, condemned the veto and historians have declared that

O’Connell won the argument.

He may well have. But I suspect that Papal advisors, and timorous Irish clerics ensured that few Irishmen who might rock the Imperial Boat were made Bishops.

 The powerful Cardinal Cullen, the scourge of advanced Irish nationalism, could devote some of his great energies fighting the threat posed to the nation by the introduction of the Polka.

 Incidentally, did the then Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh, or his representative attend the Canonisation of Oliver Plunkett in Rome. Was Queen Elizabeth II or Her representative in 1975?    

The current “Ecumenical” stunt in Armagh is not about reconciliation. It is about rubbing Croppies’ noses in the CRAP.

The calculated insult to our President, refusing to address him by  his Democratic Constitutional title was not an error by someone unfamiliar with protocol, but by professionals with centuries of precedent drilled into them. (President Robinson accepted that snub by Buckingham Palace when she paid a visit through its Tradesman’s Entrance)

The only honour appropriate to a Royal person in Armagh is to Brian Boru, who, having been killed during his defeat of the Vikings at Clontarf was carried there for burial in 1014.

Clontarf put a stop to the attempt to make Ireland a subject nation and those Vikings who had come as invaders merged with the Gael as one Irish nation.

But Royalty has nothing to offer an enlightened democracy one thousand years later, We have a (twice) elected Head of State with the wit to see this.

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