FINTAN O’TOOLE bleats about a prosecution, years before his birth, of the company which staged  THE ROSE TATTOO in Dublin.

There were many publications banned under the Obscene Publications Act (I’m not sure if that was the name of the Act in effect in Ireland, there was one of that name in operation in England, after my moving here in 1964 which Fintan does not seem to have heard of and Frank O’Connor’s “KINGS, LORDS AND COMMONS” was banned in Ireland from the 1940s for its translation, from the Irish of THE MIDNIGHT COURT, an Eighteenth Century comic masterpiece. I suspect Fintan would have approved of that banning because it recognized work of merit produced in the Irish language, For many decades ignorant busybodies, I believe under clerical influence, scanned books for rude words and notified the Censors.

FINTAN O’TOOLE’S own employer is perhaps the most strict Censor in Ireland today. In this month’s IRISH POLITICAL REVIEW is the suggestion by MANUS O’RIORDAN that it publish each month a selection of letters submitted to and spiked by the IRISH TIMES. Manus died on September 26th. He made a great contribution to Irish life as a historian, trade union researcher, political, social and sporting activities. He was one of the architects of the co-operation of Government, Employers and Trade Unions, that pulled Ireland out of poverty and unemployment and forced emigration, to become one of the wealthiest states in the world. An achievement pooh-poohed by Fintan O’Toole as it happened.

THE IRISH TIMES, it is alleged, is controlled by a secretive oathbound trust established by the crooked Lord Arnold Goodman, at the behest of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, on the advice of Sir Andrew Gilchrist, the prime mover of the genocidal coup in Indonesia in 1965

THE OBSERVER  !7th OCTOBER   2021 reports that  55 years after the genocide, Government documents revealing Britain’s role in  crime were placed in the PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICE in Kew. It appears these records have lain there for months without being noticed by complacent media.

Apparently IRISH media have slept through the revelations.

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