I, A “WOKE” TO GI BLUES? by Donal Kennedy

In my BLOG of 22 Oct. “There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face ”  I alluded to a Sunday Times columnist, whose name I could not recall, a frequent occurrence at my (DOT) AGE.

As I awoke I remembered the name of her partner, a drunken brawling ex Junior Minister who had been a Major in the British Army, had a string of convictions for violence, and remains on the sexual offences register for making an indecent image of a child aged about two. I quote from wikipedia.

Further browsing the internet revealed  pretty, though not beautiful, networks of politicians and journalists who use language about each other that would scandalise a parrot  on the HISPANIOLA.

Little have I travelled in the Realms of Silver but I learned that “WOKE”  is supposed to denote Left-Leaning people who campaign to rectify injustice.

Apparently the most pressing or oppressing problem facing humanity is not war, the covid pandemic, famine, environmental pollution, and the obscene inequalities of wealth and destitution.  It is GENDER IDENTITY.

My understanding of “WOKE” is a bunch of self-abusing OK  Eejits,  or Useless Idiots whom Lenin might have justifiably shot.

As for Gender Identity, wouldn’t the kerfuffle over it give you the GI BLUES?

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