Those of you who have enjoyed “GUYS AND DOLLS” may remember “Big Giulie” (that’s miss-spelt here) who, with an unmarked dice and a loaded gun was on a winning streak until flattened by SKY MASTERSON’

The Irish Plenipotentiaries when they signed Articles of Agreement in London had no Sky Masterson to wallop Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Birkenhead and their murdering cronies when given a mafia-type offer they couldn’t refuse.

Anybody who has read Frank Pakenham’s PEACE BY ORDEAL, first printed in the 1930s will not accuse me of making old statements here.

Pakenham was a Tory when he started researching the subject and friendly with the son of Birkenhead. He kept his friends but joined the Labour Party and served in British Cabinets. He was a good friend of Ireland and of de Valera in particular.

The idea of Ireland having an Independence Day, and celebrating it on the anniversary of Dublin Castle’s gracious bestowel by the King’s Viceroy on an Irregular Junta led by Michael Collins, was floated in HISTORY IRELAND by Professor Dennis Kennedy, a former Deputy Editor in THE IRISH TIMES in its May/June 2018 issue. I suggested that perhaps those of the Professor’s persuasion might

have chosen 26 June to commemorate the shelling of the Four Courts at Churchill’s Dictation, or the 8th December to celebrate the first Executive action of THE IRISH FREE STATE when it put 4 untried prisoners, who had been friends and comrades of the leaders of the Junta, to death by firing squad.

The Junta’s actions were never done in the name of the DAIL EIREANN, the democratically established Parliament of Ireland.

The signing of the ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT resulted in the destruction of STATE, its Parliament and its COURTS.

Treaties are signed between States which recognise each others’ status.

The 1921 agreement was not that and no informed commentator should assert otherwise.

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