NEI: Going, going…

As I type these words, I’m listening to Jim Allister on Raidio Uladh who is explaining that he’s not in favour of allowing a Sinn Féin MLA as First Minister, he is implacably opposed to a Sinn Féin MLA as Deputy First Minister also. Well, he may not be a democrat but you have to admire his all-the-way attitude.

Peadar Toibín has just responded to Jim and points out that accepting a unionist as First Minister but not accepting a republican as First Minister (leave aside the refusal of a Shinner as Deputy First Minister) is to say the way our democracy works is, we accept it if it works for us and we reject it if it doesn’t.

Even as this is being argued over,  the DUP faces a high noon when its refusal to attend meetings of cross-border bodies will trigger legal action. Are the cross-border bodies important? They would be if they worked, but they don’t. So the presence or absence of the DUP is theoretical – in practice they have little or nothing positive to offer when they do attend.

It’s probably as well that a border poll will very likely be triggered sometime before 2030 – earlier please, if possible. Because our dear little stateen, with its crazed unionists  flailing around as they feel support seep from them, is disintegrating before our eyes, bits falling off the structure, odd rumbling sounds coming from within, and a growing recognition that this is a failed state. Not failed by a thin margin but failed comprehensively, completely. NEI: Null points.

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