Shaw said of Trotsky that in an argument, he cut off his opponent’s head and then held it up to show that there were no brains in it.

I’ve read little  of Trotsky so cannot comment.

But I am lost in admiration of a scholar, who in the most urbane and polite manner can slice the works of an imposter as if he were slicing salami. He is an ordained priest a member of the Benedictine Order, Brian P. Murphy OSB of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick.

Not all Priests are quite so urbane. Seamus Murphy SJ , a professed Liberation Theologian, launched a guttersnipe attack in THE IRISH TIMES on the 1916 Insurgents on the Centenary of the Rising. He chose to compare Patrick Pearse and Daniel O’Connell, to the former’s disadvantage. In favour of O’Connell who,  he said, had never shot anybody.

In fact, in 1815 O’Connell shot John d’Esterre dead in a duel in County Kildare and later  in the same year was arrested en route to Ostend to answer a challenge from Robert Peel. O’Connell was a Barrister, considered himself a gentleman.

Barristers in Ireland were notorious for duelling, whilst military men observed a ban on the practice. Seamus Murphy SJ, appears to be a sham scholar and no gentleman, for he has never apologised for his corner-boy behaviour. I believe he is based in the United States and that his concept of Liberation Theology is carpet-bombing civilians in a Neo-Con Crusade.

Brian P Murphy OSB was schooled by the Jesuits at St Ignatius College,Tottenham, the alma mater of Alfred Hitchcock and of  Reginald Dunne. Reginald Dunne, a skilled violinist, later taught at the school, and fought in British uniform in the Great War.

Believing in the right of small nations to be free he then joined the IRA and was its London O.C. In July 1922, acting on orders passed from Michael Collins he shot Field-Marshall Sir Henry Wilson dead in London and was hanged the following month.Brian P. Murphy went on from that fine school to Oxford and to Trinity College Dublin and UCD. His salami slicing technique took Roy Foster’s ignorant attack on Ken Loach’s THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY, line by line, clause by clause, word by word, over many pages, in THE EMBERS OF REVISIONISM published by the Aubane Historical Society.

 Dr Murphy has also demolished Foster’s ridiculous assertion that The Gaelic League (co-founded by Douglas Hyde, the son of a Church of Ireland clergymen) was a sectarian, anti-Protestant body. The League probably shared with the bicycle the opportunity for young people of both sexes and all religions to meet, talk, dance, sing and swing together, unbothered by  kill-joys of any persuasion. 

.In the same publication Dr. Niall Meehan, Faculty Head, Journaism & Media, Griffith College, Dublin  traces the origin of “Revisionism” to the cartwheels turned by its Godfather, Conor Cruise O’Brien, between 1966 and the early 1970s.

 Dr Brian Murphy’s  “ORIGINSAND ORGANISATION OF BRITISH PROPAGANDA IN IRELAND” published 1n 2006 is a key to understanding  our history. The lies published by Dublin Castle in 1920 have been recycled ad nauseam by today’s impostors,

Talking about dog-collared Murphies. A GREAT UNCLE of mine, Kilkenny-born Jeremiah Matthias Murphy SJ was from 1923 to 1953 Rector of Newman College in the University of Melbourne and the College’s Library is named for him. When H.M. Queen Elizabeth, visited there in 1954 he got a GONG and he sat for the artist who had painted her there.

He died in 1955 and Archbishop Daniel P.  Mannix, his long-time friend presided at his Requiem Mass and gave a eulogy. The County Cork born Mannix, a former President of Maynooth, was considered such a threat to the Empire  in 1920 that the British Government sent a destroyer to take him off a liner coming from the US and prevented him from visiting his sick mother in Ireland. That was such a stupid blunder that only THE MORNING POST in London supported the Government action. The paper later merged with THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – and it still shows. Perhaps some academic in Ireland will tell us what THE IRISH TIMES said of the affair?

Incidentally, Mannix was no hero to the Gaelic League in his Maynooth years. The League campaigned (successfully) for the National University to require a knowledge of Irish for those wishing to Matriculate. Mannix opposed. 

Only Ned Kelly, amongst Ausrailia’s heroes has had more books written about him than Mannix, who became a Republican after the 1916 Rising, raised the insurgents frustrated attempts to conscript Australians, appeared with de Valera in Madison Square Garden. He died aged 99 on 6 November 1963. 

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