THE MURDER  BY BOMB OF A DUBLIN BUS CONDUCTOR AND A DRIVER IN DUBLIN’S SACKVILLE PLACE DUBLIN IN DECEMBER !972 never seem to have impacted on Fintan O’Toole, whose father was a Dublin bus conductor.

The  bomb persuaded Fine Gael to drop opposition to Jack Lynch’s strengthening the Offences Against the State Act an hour or two later…At the time and  ever since, just about everybody has believed that the bomb, and another by Liberty Hall, was planted by the British Army.

The following month another CIE busman was killed by another bomb nearby and the same culprits were believed to be responsible.

Fintan would have been 14 years old at the time.

Both the Irish and Indian troops in the Congo carried Lee Enfield No.4 rifles. Not exactly obsolete in 1961. In Autumn 1959 I was issued with one, as a member of the Howth Platoon FCA. It came in MINT condition, oiled, out of a crate and had been manufactured in 1954.

The Katanga troops had FN self-loading rifles made by Fabrique National of Belgium, which had a more rapid rate of fire than the bolt-action Lee Enfields.

Incidentally, the Cruise was not always a shit. I first learned of HERR HITLER’S WAY , the IRISH TIMES EDITORIAL in March 1933 which welcomed his accession to power, in O’Brien’s writing.  O’Brien didn’t remark that in February 1933 the paper warned of the dire consequences if DEV, who had been in office for a year with Labour support was returned in the impending election. Dev returned with a Fianna Fail majority in the Dail and stayed in power until 1948, having had a republican constitution enacted by the voters, recovered the “Treaty Ports,” won the Economic War and kept the State free of the global conflagration.

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