Roger Casement blew the whistle on British plans to crush Germany. He wrote of THE CRIME AGAINST EUROPE.  In 1915 the British Minister in Oslo tried to have him murdered, and on official notepaper promised a substantial reward and free passage to America to a Norwegian employed by Casement.

Casement sent photocopies of the incriminating letter to the Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, and to various newspapers. The British Minister in Oslo then smeared Casement, saying that he was homosexual but no authentic documents supporting that contention have ever seen the light of day. Unlike the Minister’s own murderous offer.

In 1916 the British murdered Casement.

Ex-Squadron Leader Brian Inglis, funded by his war-time employers, wrote a biography of Casement. It was singularly deficient in footnotes where assertions might be traced to their origins. And his supposed quotations from Casement appear to be a smokescreen to cover  slippery jiggery-pokery by Inglis himself.

Here I quote the actual words of Inglis, not of Casement.

“Writing the amount he did, in longhand, Casement was occasionally careless in syntax, spelling and punctuation. To avoid interrupting quotations from him with corrections or ‘sics’ , I have silently altered, where necessary. I have also filled out some abbreviations, rather than explain them.”

Casement’s words have been DOCTORED by Inglis. who had a Doctorate of letters as he sought to deny that the so-called Black Diaries were faked by British Intelligence.

Recent research has proved that Inglis lied about a poem supposedly written by Casement. More about this in a later BLOG.

Much has changed since Casement blew the whistle on Warmongers, you might think.

What about Julian Assange who has done a service by exposing  the doings of today’s warmongers. humanity Today he languishes in London’s Belmarsh Prison. He was first of a Swedish allegation of rape, since abandoned, found refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy, where  mercenaries paid by the USA planned to murder him, and the British hold him, untried, until they release him to the tender mercies of Uncle Sam. 

The USA today has scrapped its Bill of Rights including freedom of expression, the separation of Executive, Congressional and Judicial powers has gone as Biden and his buddies seek to strip the Supreme Court of its functions. Whilst the USA is TOP DOG, the UK whether nominally led by Tories or Labour, crawls up Uncle Sam’s backside.

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