On April 11 1912
THE TIMES thundered in an Editorial  “SOLDIERS AND CITIZENS” –

“Mr Keir Hardie made the totally absurd proposal that men joining the Army should be given the option as to whether or not they shall be liable to take duty inaid of the civil power

The notion that we may have two kinds of soldiers side by side,one of them absolved  from a duty incumbent on all citizens, and the other absolved and the other ready to discharge that duty, was too much for the common sense even of Mr Keir Hardie’s political friends,”
Hardie wanted to spare squaddies from being  compelled to act as strike breakers against their working class communities
 What, you may well ask, relevance has this to us nearly 110 years later. Doesn’t every schoolboy, schoolgirl, and trans-person know that that was the era when Officers’ Wives got puddin’s an’ pies and soldiers wives got skilly?
 I bet even Fintan O’Toole knows that less than two years later well- mounted  Lancer Officers at the Curragh proved that the notion that you could have two kinds of soldiers side by side, without the disobedient ones being sneered at by THE  TIMES. I wonder did the IRISH TIMES thunder or whimper.
On the day THE TIMES carried that Editorial, RMS TITANIC sailed from Queenstown.
It was owned by the White Star Line, and inspired by the Line’s Chairman, Joseph. Bruce Ismay, By and large First Class Passengers, accustomed to Puddin’s & Pies, survived, and 
Steerage passengers perished.
 One of the First Class Passengers, Joseph Bruce Ismay, jumped on a lifeboat and survived another 25 years.
 He rated an Obituary in THE TIMES.  It was copied   
verbatim   in the usually excellent Dictionary of National Biography.
It did not mention The White Star Line, RMS TItanic, nor the ICEBERG
THE TIMES has not had a change of heart in the last 110 years. It never had a heart. It is the champion of the powerful and rich against the powerless and poor.
 When the party that usually best serves its friends falters, stumbles or is heading for an abyss, it lends its support to one which will do its friends less harm.
Tony Blair  recognised this fact when he flew to Australia to get the Benediction of Rupert Murdoch, before the 1997 General Election.. 
Murdoch controls hundreds of newspapers in various countries. By sheer coincidence each and every one of them supported the Gulf War.
Sir Keir Starmer believes in two Tiers of Citizens, or Subjects.
He sheds tears for one.
 He sheds principle for the other.
The first tier can murder with impunity.

The second tier can be murdered by the first.
The First Tier serves, or has served in the British Forces.
Many in the  the Second  Tier have been killed in Ballymurphy, Derry, and elsewhere.

A  Third Tier of lesser Breeds, Arabs (both Christian and Moslems in the Middle East) and other, humans for instance in Afghanistan, can be indiscriminately slaughteredby Western Forces without Sir Keir Starmer showing any concern or compassion.
THE TIMES has spoken. In an Editorial “PIG’S EAR”  23/11/2021 –
“At a time of economic anxiety business leaders deserve better than Boris Johnson;s shambolic speech yesterday, They got it instead from Sir Keir Starmer”.
 You could knock me overwith a feather if I were to learn that Rupert Murdoch disagrees with a syllable of that. 
Starmer is Murdoch’s man. .
It’s not as if Labour hasn’t got better performers in Parliament.. Ed Milliband for one, Yvette Cooper for two. Starmer, as a barrister can ask questions competently.
But he is not one to win minds or hearts. His speech to the CBI says that he will “run a tight ship”  using a hackneyed
 cliche which suggests to me that he is at sea.

His approval of insupportable wars and atrocities indicates that he has inherited the Moral Compass that Joseph Bruce Ismay carried when at sea on RMS TITANIC.

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