November, 2021

Republicans win Virginia election

Have you heard the news from Virginia? (No, not you, Virginia – the state I mean.) Even at a distance of several thousand miles, it’s enough to make you feel faintly ill. In the race for governor of Virginia, the favourite Terry McAuliffe, who’d been a close ally of Obama and Biden, lost yesterday to […]

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Comings and goings in Glasgow: blah blah blah

 I came across an article recently outlining the nature and benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy. That’s a treatment of mental illness which encourages people to look at their negative perception of things and try to work to develop more rational, positive attitudes. It doesn’t involve medication and it’s said to be surprisingly effective. I’m working […]

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TV Review: THE VIEW and that Armagh service…

This TV review first appeared in The Andersonstown News Sometimes Colum Eastwood reminds me of Billy Bunter, the fat owl of Greyfriars school. You’ll remember Billy’s protestations of innocence – “It wasn’t me that scoffed that cake from your tuck-box which tasted really nice.” So Colum, emerging from the Armagh service, told THE VIEW (BBC ONE): “That was no celebration of partition.” Right, […]

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