Three letters from this morning’s Irish Times

There are three letters of note in the Irish Times  this morning which, taken together, go to the heart of the border poll issue.

In the first, Letter Writer 1 from Dublin 5 declares “If a nationalist solution is imposed by whatever means, other than the inclusion of a willing majority of unionists, the result would almost certainly see a return to violence.”

Letter Writer 2  from Cork points out that “It might be helpful if those wishing to talk about a united Ireland would clarify what precisely they mean by the term.”

Letter Writer 3 from Dublin 15 notes that “Irish unity. Is back at the centre of political discussion. A referendum on a united Ireland is a key provision of the Good Friday Agreement….The most important first step is to establish a Citizens’ Assembly to discuss what a united Ireland might look like and how best we can manage a smooth transition”

So there you have it. Letter Writer 1 believes that there must be a willing majority of unionists [my italics] or else some unionists will return to the gun. Sound familiar?

Letter Writer 2 inches cautiously towards what is clearly essential: some detailed notion of what a united Ireland would look like.

Letter Writer 3 points out how we can arrive at a picture of a future united Ireland – by the government establishing a Citizens’ Assembly to examine, plan and construct the shape of a new Ireland.

I suggest that we start with Letter Writer 3’s suggestion and then see if the Dublin government can find the moral courage to set up a Citizens’ Assembly so we stop wasting time assessing Letter Writers 1 and 2. After all, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are republican parties. Or have I got that wrong?

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