Jeremy Corbyn and the North Shropshire Conservative defeat – by Fra Hughes

Jeremy Corbyn the one-time leader of the British Labour Party whose leadership was undermined from within the party by Blairite centrists and without the party by a broad-based attack claiming he was an anti-Semitic, a communist and pro-IRA supporter, the great hero of the left, the hope for a future generation of socialists and left of centre voters, has disappeared under the leadership of Keir Starmer.

In undermining Corbyn in a Machiavellian-type coup, Keir Starmer was supported by the establishment, supported by the mainstream media, supported by Tony Blair and supported by Zionist Israel. Corbyn’s leadership within the party became untenable after this orchestrated smear campaign prevented him from winning the British General Election in 2019 and ushered Boris Johnson and the Conservative party back into power.

Once Corbyn had resigned Starmer stepped forward to take on the mantle of leader of the Labour Party.

He withdrew the party whip from Jeremy Corbyn, in effect expelling Corbyn from the Labour Party. With elections due on Thursday 2nd May 2024 for the British Parliament, it looks very likely Keir Starmer will not allow Jeremy Corbyn to run in his constituency of Islington North in London as the official Labour candidate.

Corbyn the man who brought tens of thousands of new members to the Labour Party.

The man who inspired a new generation of young voters. The man who was hailed at Glastonbury festival with a chorus of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ by the tens of thousands in attendance. The man who could have led Britain away from the Blair, Cameron, Johnson type of Conservative neoliberal and centrist politics and into a new space on the left for the many and not for the few, it appears Corbyn, if he wishes to continue to represent the people of Islington North in London, must stand as an independent socialist candidate.

The Labour Party under Keir Starmer has been led further to the right, It is to all intents and purposes a shadow Conservative party.

This transition from Labour’s traditional socialist background to a new form of centre right politics, completes the transition from labour socialism to labour capitalism.

Like the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States of America, while these parties profess to be different from one another, once in power there is very little to separate their foreign and domestic policies. 

While the Democrats claim to represent the working class when they talk about Medicare, about addressing homelessness, about educating the poor etc, once they are in power it is the shadow government, it is the establishment, it is the deep state with its corporate and capitalist interests that continue what seems to be a seamless transition from Democrat to Republican President with no major changes in American domestic or foreign policy.

They are two parties with one overriding agenda, supporting capitalism and the free market to the detriment of the many and in favour of the few.

The late American actor Robin Williams once said, ‘Politicians should wear sponsors jackets like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them’. How prophetic is that! 

Keir Starmer following in the footsteps and the policies of Tony Blair, the man who brought us the war on Iraq is finalising the transformation of the British Labour Party from a left-wing socialist working-class movement to a corporate, capitalist version of the American democratic party.

As trade union movements in Britain begin to divest from the Labour Party, they will quickly be replaced by The captains of industry, the Barons of the oil companies, the banks and the City of London. They will heavily fund the new Labour program that pushes the neoliberal agenda to the forefront of British politics.

While Keir Starmer and his cabal in the shadow cabinet continue the witch-hunt against socialists within the Labour Party, and the thousands of labour party members who joined with a vision of Jeremy Corbyn as the prime minister of Great Britain, that vision recedes into the politics of the disconnected. Britain with its two-party political system, the duopoly of power, from Conservative to Labour from Labour to Conservative, will finally see an end to socialism as a potential for change within the body politics of the British Parliament and Britain would be condemned to the Democrat-Republican false narrative division with the accumulation of the wealth of the nation in the hands of a few super-rich, super-powerful leaders of the political- industrial complex.

Corbyn’s vision, to re-nationalise the utilities of oil and gas, water, the trains, to offer free education, free adequate health care for all at the point of delivery, has disappeared.

Jeremy Corbyn may very well be re-elected as an independent socialist MP for Islington North in London, but he will have no speaking privileges, no powerbase, he will have no influence on party manifestos, he may well be a  political prophet but like many prophets, he will be nothing more than a voice in the wilderness.

There are socialists in the Labour Party but the Labour Party is no longer a socialist movement.

In the absence of a revolution, Britain is destined like nearly all the other European countries to be ruled by millionaires dressed in the clothes of party political manifestos, who care nothing for the people and everything for the millionaire class that many of them belong to.

Jeremy Corbyn a lifelong socialist, a leader, a visionary, a man a generation put their hope in, has fallen by the wayside.

We may never see his like again.

While the Liberal party made a huge gain in the North Shropshire by-election overturning a Conservative majority to gain the seat, the real loser was not the Conservative party but the British Labour party who at the last election came with in 3000 votes of the taking the seat.

They were humiliated into a distant third. Labour under Starmer is staring into the abyss.

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