A recent  Editorial in THE TIMES of London deplored that Latin America has the wrong sort of voters, the kind who do not appreciate the blessings of liberal economics as imposed by General Pinochet in Chile, for example, and other grisly friends of John Bull and Uncle Sam. The kind of economics, imposed by bayonets which reduced Ireland’s population to less than half of what it was in 1840 and from which it has never recovered.

THE TIMES seeks to frighten its readers with the prospect of China profiting from Latin America’s  errant electorates.

I remember some years ago when the candidature of John Hume for the Presidency of Ireland was mooted. THE TIMES  thundered in an Editorial that the idea was not to be tolerated. Why? Because John Hume was born in Londonderry, it said. It might have added that Hume was the wrong sort of  Pro-Democracy Activist.

It might be of interest to note that, under British rule, the Hong Kong police were a para-military body, modelled on the Royal Irish Constabulary, and that rubber-bullets  aka ‘baton rounds’ were used to keep British order there, before they were used in Derry or Belfast.

 Under Chinese rule the Hong Kong police were physically attacked and showed more restraint than the RUC would have done in any circumstances.

For the past few years the British media generally appear to want us to take leave of our senses and to favour making war on China. And for some time also on Russia.

JOHN BULL’S OTHER TIMES dances to John Bull’s tune.

A  more  heartening thought  is that the WRONG SORT OF VOTERS are going from strength to strength in Ireland.


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