Bojo and that ‘work gathering’ in the garden. With booze.

Will he stay or will he go? Or, since we’re talking about Boris Johnson, will he be toppled as leader of the Conservative party?

My guess is he’ll stay and he won’t be toppled as Tory leader. Even typing the sentence brings a sour taste to my mouth. How can the Tory party, so fond of words like “integrity” and “trust” and “character”, even think about maintaining this squalid man as their leader?

He’s been lying and holding so many parties in No 10 Downing Street, it might be easier to list the days on which he didn’t have a party. In this latest knees-up, he’s been so obviously acting against his own rules for fighting Covid, the difference between what was enforced in public and what was happening with the big boys and girls in Downing Street is so obviously hypocritical, you wonder why the parliamentary opposition didn’t start throwing over-ripe fruit at him when he stood up to suggest that BYOB get-together was not a party but a “work event”. I’m the prime minister and I can’t tell a party from work – oh for God’s sake, Johnson, shut your lying trap.

Alas, the Tories will probably keep him as their leader, After all, he got Brexit done. Sort of. He is enthusiastic. He tells jokes. He’s having a good time as PM, and something of that pleasure rubs off on colleagues and the general public.

Mind you , commentators have set this BYOB work meeting – that’s what Johnson claims it was – as seriously different, because it sits beside the emphatic urgings of the PM to ‘ordinary’  people that their gatherings be no bigger than two, alongside families not being able to be with their mother or father or daughter or son as they died. It’s hard to use jokes to crack your way out of that one.

But I still say he’ll remain in place. Why? Because he’s an entertainer and has been a vote-getter.  You could be Atilla the Hun and if you were able to rattle off a jokey classical aphorism, preferably in Latin, and then add to that by charming the public into voting for you and your colleagues – what’s not to like?

That’s what guides the Tory party: will Johnson as leader mean there are more members of the public likely to vote for the Tories next time out, or will his absurd partying/lying/joke-cracking finally turn off a majority of the British people?They may get turned off eventually. But, alas, not yet.

All political careers end in failure. For many of us, Johnson’s can’t come quick enough.

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