In our kitchen cabinet is a tea towel featuring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948.

Though Ireland was not a member of the UN at the time the document is in harmony with the Constitution enacted by plebiscite in the 26 Counties in 1937 and the Democratic Programme adopted by Dail Eireann on its inaugural meeting on 21st January 1919.

Perhaps existing citizens’ assemblies Dail Eireann & Local Authorities might peruse them and any new assemblies might follow suit.

There is a tendency for the best-intentioned bodies to attract cranks with bees in their bonnets.

All over Europe Social Democratic parties with constructive records are being pushed to the margins because they have been abandoning policies based on the needs of working people and adopting trendy politics based on sexual proclivities . Live and let live is a fine idea, but LGBT concerns should not be the B-ALL and End ALL of politics.  In fact they have F-ALL to do with society in general.

By chance I recently watched and heard in translation a talk given by an eminent statesman who said that at the outset of the Bolshevik Revolution, some of those crazy notions were in fashion. He then went on to defend the more traditional  institution of the family and society in terms that suggested that he was familiar with and appreciative of the words of Edmund Burke.

The eminent statesman in question?


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