It seems to me that most human beings, whatever their beliefs, wish well to their neighbours and prove it by their behaviour.

Here in England, despite years of official promotion of anti-Irish propaganda, the general population do not hold us in contempt.

Every opinion poll taken during the long War has shown that there is no desire to hold any part of Ireland under British rule.

But the STATE – “ENGLAND”  “GREAT BRITAIN”  or whatever you call it, is Ireland’s mortal enemy. Many,  I would think most,

 of the State’s official servants are people of good will, but the State, when it suits its purposes, does the dirty on them. John Stalker is a prime example of a good man shat upon by those in Royal favour.

Many of those responsible for Bloody Sunday were given Orders of Chivalry by a grateful Monarch before the earth settled over those murdered that day.

Atrocities on a bigger scale have been committed by Crown Forces in other parts of the world. The UK is, and seems destined to remain a Rogue State, whether led by a buffoon, as at present or a “socialist”

I’ll return to this topic presently.

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