The 6th of January, the Feast of the Epiphany, or as my late Mother used to call it, “Little Christmas.” I believe the Orthodox Churches, still using the Julian Calendar celebrate Christmas when we celebrate the Epiphany, though the secularists Lenin and  Kemal Attaturk imposed the Gregorian Calendar, decreed by a pope on the advice of Jesuit astronomers in 1582.

I’m glad that none of my friends are so naff as to send Christmas cards featuring themselves and their families. The practice of the Windsors posing as the Holy Family is an offence to anyone of taste,let alone of Faith. Though that more than one of the Windsors can, with or without conviction, play an  ass or an asshole is indisputable..

I realise that 6th of January was known as Nollag na mBan (Women’s Christmas) by our pious ancestors. An Irish Times correspondent appears to advocate its adoption by pro-abortion feminists.

I suppose they will issue greeting cards for its celebration, depicting a pregnant woman in a stable because there was no room for her in the Marie Stopes Clinic.

If you’re not up with THE IRISH TIMES you’ve gotta be outa the fashion!

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