Kazakhstan must not be allowed to become another Ukraine – by Fra Hughes

In 2014 the world was informed by western media that a people’s uprising against an unpopular government was taking place on Maidan Square in Kyiv the capital of Ukraine, as supporters of Ukraine’s integration with the European Union gathered to protest.

Sounds OK, doesn’t it ? A people labouring under a former Soviet Union state system, suffering during an economic depression, demanding to join the all-dancing all-singing beacon of enlightenment that is the European Union, and perhaps even NATO?

A chance to get rid of communist bureaucracy. A system that provided many with state jobs and employment rights for the workers while safeguarding pensions and homes?

Well if that’s what the people want then I am all for that, as I expect you would be too. Right?

When the government of the UK wanted to leave the European Union they held a referendum. Right?

The people voted to leave. Right? That’s how’s it is done. Right?

For a governmental change in every democratic state you have a voice, a vote, a say in matters that materially affect you. Right?

The people of Venezuela democratically elected Chavez then they elected Maduro. Right?  

There was no referendum in Ukraine. The people had elected a government and a President who were trying to improve the economic situation but at that time neither the government, the majority of the people, nor the President wanted to join the EU and NATO. Viktor Yanukovych was the democratically elected President and because he would not align Ukraine with the EU, the Maidan Square protests and its attendant violence erupted.

The protests were led by those who had an interest in joining the EU and, NATO.

The protests very soon turned ugly, guns were used by protestors and the police and the state came under violent attack.

President Yanukovych fled to Russia,  under death threats from right-wing Ukrainian neo-Nazis who controlled the streets. In the political vacuum that was created, a fascist coup financed and supported it is claimed by America, and its spokesperson Victoria Nuland came into force.

An unelected fascist, anti-Russian, pro-European coup was installed.

Ukraine is now a failed state. Lugansk, Donetsk and Crimea are now breakaway Republics, aligned with Russia. America and the EU have threatened Russia with further sanctions and the possibility of war if Russia tries to protect its citizens in the Donbas and Crimean republics from Ukraine’s latest attempt by neo- Nazis to have domination over ethnic Russians in the region and invade Donbas.

The real democracy shown here was the people’s fight for freedom against the western-backed fascist coup that saw the demonization of all those unarmed innocent communists, socialists, and trade unionists murdered in Odessa.

Simple men, women and children who came onto the streets to decry a fascist coup, who were beaten and then burnt to death for simply saying the coup was not done in their name.

This article is, about Kazakhstan. Right? So why am I talking about Ukraine?

Ukraine is the example the people of Kazakhstan must be wary of and it’s not the only one.

Hong Kong has witnessed what the people of the west are told are democracy and freedom protests.

Hong Kong is a part of China. It was occupied by the British, then handed back in1999 by the then British Minister Chris Patton when the British writ ran out.

These protests have ended in attacks on Mandarin-speaking ethnic Chinese by English-speaking pro-independence thugs financed by and in some cases given media training by America.

I watched a video where protestors surrounded an elderly gentleman while one dowsed him in petrol another set him alight.

This is the hidden face of western imperialism at work in Hong Kong.

Venezuela we are told has a president in waiting, Juan Guiado, supported by the usual suspects America and the EU. Even though he and his politics are regularly rejected by Venezuela’s voters in the elections.

The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. America won the cold war. Yeltsin sold the Soviet Union to the American corporate system.

Capitalism replaced socialism and NATO troops replaced the once-powerful Warsaw pact.

What I am trying to convey here is the conclusion that America, the EU and NATO care nothing for democracy and freedom. They bombed Libya and Yugoslavia, Invaded and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. They are complicit in the famine and destruction of Yemen. They are trying to destabilise Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Syria and Kazakhstan.

It is claimed up to 20,000 insurrectionists may have taken part in the violence that has taken place, including attacks on government offices, police stations and also armouries to attain weapons.

Scores of service personnel are dead and missing. At least eighteen were murdered and hundreds injured.

The airport came under the control of an armed gang after troops stationed there were ordered to stand down.

The former head of Kazakhstan’s domestic intelligence agency Karim Masimov has been arrested and charged with treason .

Police stations were burnt down, three officers were beheaded and others were killed by snipers.

It does appear that the protests (who organised them and for what purpose?) were focusing on the rise of fuel prices. They became violent, as orchestrated groups of men, some armed, including snipers, began to attack the state in what appears to be a widespread attempt at a military Maidan type coup.

The President has claimed the country is under terrorist attack by groups supported and trained by external governmental forces.

Just like in Daraa in Syria 2011 the protests were designed to be the face of an opposition that had the Intent to overthrow the government. A smokescreen for the real agenda of a western-backed regime change, colour revolution.

The decimation of the Soviet Union allowed capitalists in the west and the east to privatise and profit from the state-run utilities and health care sectors, to privatise profit and publicise debt.

There are rich picking to be had in Kazakhstan with the bonus of further isolating Russia while America and the EU further march to consolidate power and the wealth of the world in their hands and pockets. The hands of the few to the impoverishment of the many.

I believe those in power in Kazakhstan will refuse to let outside interference destroy their society.

Russia and China are constantly vigilant against attempts to destabilise their sovereign nations, whether it be through Islamic separatists or the facilitated financed rise of fascism in eastern European countries.

China and Russia both stand with Kazakhstan.

A mutual alliance treaty has been activated between Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. This was formed in 1992 and reformed in 2002. Peacekeepers are on their way to Kazakhstan via CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organisation

While America threatens war through Ukraine on one Russian border, others are threatening a coup on another.

I stand with Donbas and Crimea, against fascism in Europe; and I stand against a coup in Kazakhstan. Where do you stand?

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