The physical attack in Dublin on the Russian Ambassador was a disgrace. Neither he nor his countrymen ever injured, threatened or insulted our people. 


By arranging that his country’s naval services would forego their right to exercise in international waters where they were entitled, at the request of Irish trawlermen, demonstrated a respect and concern for our nation unmatched by other major powers.


It is amazing that the Gardai were caught hopping and unable to give His Excellency the protection to which he is entitled/.


Back in 1962 when the USA was blockading Cuba to prevent the deployment of non-American missiles there the Gardai engaged in very robust action on peaceable protestors outside the American Embassy.


 The writer Frank O’Connor, who in his youth fought for the establishment of our Sovereign State protested at the Garda action. I learned later that inside the Embassy, armed US Marines were ready to repel trespassers. Perhaps the Garda tactics were the lesser of two evils?


In 1937 Ireland, by plebiscite enacted a Constitution of a Sovereign, Independent, Democratic State. The BLUESHIRT  admirers of Hitler, cheerleaders for Mussolini’s rape of Abyssinia and  allies of General Franco, failed to dissuade the voters  from adopting it.


The Constitution affirms the nation’s adherence to the principle of the settlement of international disputes by negotiation, or arbitration by non-partisan international authorities.


Ireland can only be committed to war by a majority vote in Dail Eireann. 


It seems to me that our State which funked arming its own citizens when they were under lethal attack in Derry and Belfast,is being stampeded into a war against Russia.


Calls for the expulsion of the Russian Ambassador are not merely anti-Russian, but anti-Irish and echo the treason of John Redmond, John Dillon, Joe Devlin and T.P. O’Connor.


Roger Casement correctly labelled Redmond a liar.



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