I overheard a couple of minutes of a service from Westminster Abbey the other day and I marvelled  at the Almighty’s patience in not sending fire and brimstone to obliterate it and its parliamentary and governmental environs.

 For I heard learned Men of the Cloth, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, uttering the most dishonest, sycophantic praises of Prince Philip,Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke, was  an ignorant boor, a bore,a bully, a road hog and a racist.  I am revealing no secrets here.

 Philip so hated you, me, and the rest of humanity,  that he wished to return to earth as a bug or a virus to murder us by the billion.

 Our allotted role while awaiting his Second Coming should be filling the begging bowl of the World Wildlife Fund, so that Philip’s soul mates can amuse themselves shooting Big Game.

 Philip’s friend David Attenborough of the WWF calls humanity a Plague on the Earth.

 I saw a snippet of the Service on TV and witnessed the Brass-necked Fugitive from Justice, Andrew, Duke of York escorting his Gracious Mother. He turned his face to the camera – as hard a face as ever disgraced a being believed to be in the image and likeness of the Almighty.

 When Westminster Abbey was built, by a Conqueror renowned for his cruelty and ruthlessness, I think it was Consecrated to pray for forgiveness for the Conqueror and other sinners.

 The Service I witnessed was a Desecration.


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