IRISH VOICES IN THE BRITISH MEDIA No.1 Fergal Keane – by Donal Kennedy


Am I the only Irish person to react with fury to the voice of Fergal Keane, coming from UKRAINE?

 Keane has uttered and written numerous falsehoods about Ireland which I have challenged in published letters and blogs. He has earned good money for tawdry anti-Irish propaganda. .He has no more allegiance to his native country than had William Joyce and probably less devotion to truth.

His paymaster is the BBC, whose founder, Lord Reith, left diaries, posthumously published, voicing approval of the murderous atrocities of Hitler. Keane has been awarded an OBE for his services. I understand that the same Order of Chivalry was awarded to Lt.Col Derek Wilford of the Parachute Regiment just after its “Public Relations Blunder ” in Derry. ( I paraphrase the BBC’s Diplomatic Correspondent Mark Urban, ,speaking before the Savile Enquiry rubbished such euphemisms. As a former holder of a Short Service Commission in the British Army I presume Mr Urban was constrained by the Official Secrets Act. I suspect that he still is.

 Fergal Keane writes with style, and when his son Daniel was born, capitalised on it when the child was too young to read or understand. He made the letter public. Keane’s father Eamon, was an actor and his uncle, John B.Keane a playwright, and many generations ago one Edmund Keane was a celebrated Shakespearean actor.

 I imagine Daniel Keane knows his Shakespeare, and I would encourage my readers, in the wordsof Cole Porter, to “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.”

 If I were writing a letter to Daniel Keane it would have but three words-  

 “FULL FATHOM FIVE ……………………….”


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