David Cameron, when Prime Minister, visited St Petersburg, a Russian City, which in Soviet times was called Leningrad, and which suffered great loss of life during the Nazi siege.

 Mr Cameron claimed that Britain had defeated Fascism. The Soviet Union lost 26,000,000 of its people in the struggle against the Nazis, and inflicted more casualties on the German forces than did the Western Allies combined. While the Soviets were fighting, the British were imprisoning Indians peacefully campaigning for freedom and starved to death more Bengalis than British and Commonwealth Forces had lost in both World Wars combined.

 Britain was the midwife of Italian and Spanish Fascism. Britain bankrolled Benito Mussolini’s newspaper ILL POPOLO d’ITALIA from 1917 and King George V dubbed Mussolini a Knight of the Bath in 1923. Britain reneged on her duties at the League of Nations and profited from Italy’s Rape of Abyssinia, as owners of the Suez Canal, filling her coffers from the fees paid for the passage through it of troops and war equipment. Otherwise troops and equipment would have to have made a detour of 6,000 miles around the Cape of Good Hope.

Britain’s DAILY MAIL and the DUCE admired each other. The Duce both read the paper and contributed pieces for its columns.

 THE TIMES recalled yesterday, 28 March, that on that day in 1939 the Spanish Mutineer, Francisco Franco entered Madrid. It did not tell us that HUGH POLLARD, was installed in the British Embassy in Madrid following Franco’s arrival in that city. Pollard had played a key role in imposing Fascism on Spain. In 1936 he had flown an aeroplane from London to the Canaries, where Franco had been posted by the elected Government of Spain to keep him from doing his country a mischief. Pollard picked up Franco and airlifted him to Spanish-ruled Morocco. From there Franco launched murderous attacks on the Spanish people which continued throughout his long misgovernment.

 Hugh Pollard was a successful liar, a blundering counterfeiter who had done, not quite sterling work, against humanity, for the British State for many years. When Ireland’s democratically- established Government was deemed illegal by the usurping authorities in Westminster, Pollard worked in Dublin Castle with a nest of lying propagandists. The British imposed strict censorship in Ireland under The DEFENCE OF THE REALM ACT.

 The elected IRISH GOVERNMENT produced a daily BULLETIN and smuggled it out to journalists, politicians and embassies abroad, A handful of British MPs would ask embarrassing questions to Cabinet Ministers, based on their reading of THE IRISH BULLETIN which depended for its influence on straight and irrefutable statements,

 British forces discovered the office of the Bulletin and its address list, but did not publicise the fact.

 Pollard and his gang published a counterfeit, carefully slipping in exaggerations here, untruths there, to discredit the genuine article,

 But THE IRISH BULLETIN had another, undiscovered, Office, together with printer and address list. It didn’t miss a single issue and those on the address list received the genuine and counterfeit issue on the same day.

 The BRITISH GOVERNMENT and its prize Propaganda Unit got egg on their faces.

 Many British newspapers, then, as now, were lying puppets of the Government. Some,like THE DAILY MAIL,could afford to be crude. Though not unprofessional. Others sought to conceal their mendacity, with some success, like THE TIMES, and less success, like THE MORNING POST, and THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

 FILM WAS IMPORTANT TOO.  During the Second South African War, a NEWSREEL purporting to have been filmed in South  Africa, was shot on London’s Hampstead Heath.

 BRITISH PATHE  never stopped beating the Imperial Drum and, at the request of HUGH POLLARD shot what was claimed to be an encounter between the Crown Forces and the IRA near Tralee, Co. Kerry, on Ireland’s South West, Atlantic Coast.

 Dublin Cinema viewers hooted in derision at the “Newsreel” as they recognised the Vico Road on Killiney Bay, about 12 miles from their East Coast city, on the IRISH SEA , over 200 miles from Tralee.

 Stills from the fake newsreel continue to feature in books and in the pages of THE IRISH TIMES.

 But the generations of Irish people who recognised fake news stories, and despised fake “historians” have passed on. And too many Irish professional commentators in the Press  and other Media, the Pulpit and Academia, are happy to pass on to us, as Gospel, the lies told by our enemies.

 A prime example is a Jesuit Priest who would have us believe that Daniel O’Connell never shot a man, In 1815 O’Connell shot John  d’Esterre dead in a Duel in County Kildare, The same year O’Connell was arrested  on his way to Ostend, to accept a challenge to a Duel from Robert Peel.

 Peel is remembered in Ireland for the establishment of the RIC, nicknamed “PEELERS” commemorated by our native Government, God help us,

 Peel later became Prime Minister, a forerunner  of David Cameron.


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