In Part 1,   I described how the deluded David Cameron chose a visit to St Petersburg, the site of the bloodiest siege in the history of warfare, which started in September 1941 and lasted 900 days, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 800,000 civilian inhabitants, to claim that Britain had defeated Fascism. 

 The city, then known as Leningrad, was besieged by an international gang of Fascists, including many from Spain and Italy, (where Britain had been the Midwife of Fascism), acting together with German Nazis.

 I don’t know how natives of St Petersburg reacted to Cameron’s ignorant  braggart  nonsense. But as a Dubliner, born in neutral Ireland in 1941, I think the clown should have been put in the stocks and pelted with rotten eggs.

 Sir Tony Blair, the Millionaire Air-Guitarist posing as a Statesman, says he felt duty bound to support George W Bush in waging an illegal war on Iraq out of loyalty to Britain’s Oldest Ally. The United States became Britain’s Ally through no choice of her own. It arose from the freely made choice of Adolf Hitler.

 The Siege of Leningrad had been going on  for three months before the United States first became Britain’s Ally. Franklyn D. Roosevelt’s  love for Britain had no more to do with it than Goodness had to do with Mae West’s Mink Coat.

 When Japan attacked the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941, Adolf Hitler fulfilled an agreement with  Japan and declared war on the United States.

 Britain had declared war on the USA in 1812, occupied Washington and burned the White House. During the War between the States, Britain had built warships for the Confederacy and THE TIMES of London was as hostile to President Lincoln as today it is hostile to President Putin. It called him “APE” LINCOLN.

 In 1917 the United States declared war on Germany and her Allies. She became an Associated Power with Britain and France, not an Ally. Later President Calvin Coolidge declared “THE BUSINESS OF THE UNITED STATES IS BUSINESS.”  

BRITAIN’S OLDEST ALLIANCE IS WITH PORTUGAL and it dates from  106 years before Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic.THE TREATY OF WINDSOR was signed  in 1386 between ENGLAND AND PORTUGAL. Following the Act of Union of England and Scotland in 1707 the Treaty  of Windsor’s scope was extended to Britain and is still in effect today.

 I don’t know whether expensively schooled graduates of the world’s leading Universities can become heads of government, without the curiosity to learn an outline of their countries’ histories. It seems to me that they reckon they can fool most of the people all of the time. And I reckon they reckon correctly. That’s the only explanation I can think of that they are not tarred and feathered at High Noon in public places. 



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