I had mislaid the February 27 SUNDAY TIMES (London Edition) which filled me with horror at the time.

Its front page headline “TERROR STALKS THE STREETS”had told us “Ukrainian volunteers hunt traitors as paranoia grips Kyiv”.

Another nearly 2 page article was headed “I know how to use it’, said  the 20 year old, handed a rifle.

Tim Shipman, the paper’s Chief Political Commentator filled two broadsheet papers headed “Taking on Putin with Peashooters.”

Ian Robertson, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin, partnered David Owen in an article claiming that “Absolute power blinded the jewel thief in the Kremlin”.

The Sunday Times boasts that is the “SUNDAY NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR.”

 I recoiled in horror at the paper.

 Apparently vigilantes were being handed rifles with the licence to use them on anyone they suspected of being unsympathetic to the regime. A recipe for Lynch Law, cooked by the Regime or its Western Sponsors.

Failure to wear a Jewel in the Crown of Absolute Power, or any power at all might be the key to David Owen’s exhumation.

It has recently become clear that Britain, among other NATO powers has been funding, arming and training the Ukraine regime for some years.

The Regime is begging 2 Billion Dollars a month from the US and $3 Billion from others. That should be easy for the Americans, who  have stolen $300 BILLION of Russia’s funds and the British who pocketed money paid by the Iranians for tanks which were never delivered. But the ordinary Ukrainian will be taxed to keep Lockheed and the British merchants of death in business

 The Ukraine regime was boasting that their people would stand shoulder to shoulder come shot or shell and that their fighters, if hopelessly outgunned and starving, would shoot any of their comrades who wanted to surrender. The western propagandists claim that President Putin is irrational. whilst they praise the clowning unshaven hero in his dirty shirt.

 And, God Help us, we have Irish commentators elevating Zelenskiy to the status of Pearse and Connolly and their followers.

 The Ukraine was a supporter of the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty, the architect of which was the Irish Statesman, Frank Aiken.

They were threatening to unpick it when President Putin finally sent Russian troops into Ukraine. It was one of many provocations of Uncle Sam’s puppets during the past eight years.

 It seems that Ireland is to give money to bring criminals in that theatre of conflict to justice, Will they send a Garda Officer bound by Britain’s Official Secrets Act, guided by Freemason philanthropy, and wearing an Orange Sash, or this month’s Sinn Fein principles?









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