Is Sweden supplying Ukraine with prohibited weapons of war?  -by Fra Hughes

As the Russian special operation continues in Ukraine now entering its third month of hostilities, it appears Zelensky and the fascists in charge of Ukraine have some new supporters.

As the remnants of the Azov battalion hide in the underground bunkers of Mauriopol, reminiscent of the fall of the Reichstag, cowering in the dark from the Russian army and the people’s militias of Donbas, while clinging onto to their nazi regalia to keep them warm, an unlikely defender of Ukrainian fascism may have come forward.

Communications have come to light which may show that the Swedish government has sent a massive amount of modern lethal aid to Ukraine.

A country which is non-aligned to Nato which professes to have the right to stay neutral in any Nato conflict or indeed any conflict to which it is not a party, may have sent up to 5000 anti tank missiles and 3 million rounds of armour piercing bullets and tracer rounds .

These bullets may be in contravention of international law.

I wonder if the Swedish people are aware of the actions of their government?

One of the communications states quite clearly that the Swedish government does not want the Ukraine government to publicly acknowledge their acceptance of these deadly weapons ,which were despatched on March 25 2022 one day after the Swedish Parliament confirmed it would send aid to Ukraine.

They are many military weapons manufactured by both private arms companies and governments which are in contravention of international law and or the Geneva convention.

Examples include depleted uranium which is used in ammunition that remains radioactive for decades. The American army used  these munitions jn  Fallujah in Iraq, leading to severe birth abnormalities among the local population.

Air to ground missiles and bombs containing phosphorous are also banned under international law

They burn their victims with excruciating pain leading to a horrible death or life changing injuries

Israel used phosphorous bombs on Gaza on very many occasions 

I believe the armoured piercing bullets and tracer rounds supplied by Sweden to Ukraine may contravene the rules of engagement governing armed conflicts.

As an Irishman I have watched the pro EU pro Nato warmongers in government here push for sending military aid to Ukraine which I believe would be a gross violation of Irish neutrality.

Ireland is a neutral country. As a people oppressed for over 800 years by the British Empire I demand that Ireland maintains that neutrality and does not oppress nor help to oppress other nations.

Is Sweden a neutral country or not?

While elements of the Swedish government may wish to join Nato it must take a national referendum to do so

In the meantime Sweden must stop prolonging the conflict.

It must cease and desist from supplying more arms and ammunition which will further destabilise Ukraine

It might bring aid and succour to a fascist regime but it will also lead to countless more unnecessary deaths and the extension of a war which Ukraine has already lost.

Is it palatable to ask are their sections of Swedish government or Swedish society that support neo nazism and those who represent it in Ukraine? 

From where I am sitting  this seems very much to be the case














































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