Letter to the Irish Times – by Donal Kennedy


Even if Ireland wanted, she could offer no significant armed force to any alliance.

Ireland never wanted to, and on establishing a Republic at the polls in 1918 it could and did offer moral support to all peoples seeking liberation from subjection. When India became a Republic her leaders visited Ireland to register their thanks.

From 1932 at the League of Nations Ireland sought in vain for its members to honour its Covenant to place effective sanctions on aggressors and to stave  off a Second World War.

Following the popular enactment of our Constitution in 1937, obliging the state to adhere to the principle of peaceful settlement of international disputes Ireland honourably and vigorously adhered to it.

The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty was an Irish contribution to world peace. Today it seems to be in tatters, through no fault of Ireland’s.

The question should be asked of the neo-Redmondites who want us to join a military alliance : Cui Bono?

Donal Kennedy 




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