May, 2022

About last night with Jim Fitzpatrick

Well. That was interesting. Not riveting. Not absorbing. But interesting. If we were to go by last night’s TV performance, things are looking very bad for unionism. Let’s look at each contributor, starting at the top (or bottom, depending on how you see these things). JEFFREY DONALDSON wasn’t himself at all – hasn’t been for […]

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Nolan Show is boycotted by Sinn Féin, and…

 I was feeling seriously lazy this morning and so I dipped into the Nolan Show as something that was unlikely to provoke an episode of thinking.  Nolan was making his way through the Sinn Féin manifesto and pausing after each point to create the aural equivalent of the empty chair. That’s because, it seems, Sinn […]

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Last night and Declan Kearney’s shock-horror letter

A blind man or woman on a swiftly-galloping stallion could have noticed how presenter Mark Mallett hacked off a red-meat chunk and tossed it  to the anti-Sinn Féin parties in last night’s UTV debate. Eager to provide a counterweight for the DUP and the UUP’s refusal to say they’ll accept the will of the electorate, […]

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