I suppose my use of the word UKASE will offend some sensitive people. It is a Russian word which may place me beyond the Pale.  It is an old-fashioned word and it betrays my unenlightened age and ideas.

Historically UKASE was a Czarist decree, which enforced severe penalties on those who ignored it.

The Czars are all dead and buried.

But the UKASE  is alive and well in the UK and seems to have been rehabilitated in the Ukraine, where the Russian language and native Ukrainians who speak Russian are under attack by the American puppet regime.

The UK poses as a democracy upholding just laws internally and seeking their enforcement or adoption throughout the world.

Yet not a day goes by when acres of newsprint and hours of TV and radio are devoted to the most trivial doings of the dogs, horses, flunkeys and  hangers-on of a Royal Family which gets even more sycophantic publicity than its entourage.

Occasionally we are told of murders and  other atrocities committed  in Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya by British forces, for which the perpetrators were punished with Orders of Chivalry, Knighthoods and Peerages by the current sovereign and her father. 

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