It would be an insult to our feathered friends to describe the catch-cry “A Woman’s Right to Choose” as bird-brained.

“Choose” is, I believe, a transitive verb, which, left standing or hanging alone means, sweet Fanny Adams.

Catch-cries are fashioned to attract applause from the unthinking, which is why they may be dismissed by thinking people of either/any gender as clap-trap.

I shall, like a good post-Vatican II Roman Catholic refuse to hide behind the Latin word “foetus” and use vulgar English.

If new life in a woman’s womb is merely a piece of shite, she should be allowed to get rid of it  by herself or a helper.

If one’s brain is more than a piece of shite one could hardly argue with that.

If one’s brain is a collection of shite one might argue that a woman has a right to destroy the new, human life in her womb up to its expected time of birth.

I recall a better educated person than myself, who served in an Irish Cabinet, before returning to her American homeland to campaign for the election there of a similar pro-abortion champion, declaring that abortion was inseparable from democracy.

I understand women were enfranchised in Switzerland either shortly before or shortly after the 1973 Roe-Wade judgement of the US Supreme Court and that abortions were legally available in Switzerland many decades earlier.

About 1950 Aneurin Bevan visited China and harangued Chou En Lai  with Malthusiasm. Which may have borne fruit in China’s disastrous “one child” policy. The father of Britain’s National Service, was the lover of Jenny Lee, the La Pasionaria of the British Labour Party.

Jenny declared that if she got pregnant she would go to Switzerland for an abortion, and that she had put aside £100, a sizeable sum at the time for such a situation.

Readers may choose to disagree with my ideas and my choice in expressing them. That is their right and it is an absolute and unchallengeable one, if I may paraphrase Voltaire.



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