Goodfellas, Bad Guys, and Shits Of The Highest Order: matters arising from Blog “Shadow of a Land War in Europe.”



None of the (British) sources I cited : Piers Brendon, Keeper of the Churchill Archives and a Fellow Of Churchill College.Cambridge, England, Claud Cockburn author of The Devil’s Decade  nor Robert Boothby were in Stalin’s pocket.

The Poles made a pact with Hitler in 1934 and grabbed a slice of Czechoslovakia in 1938. 

Though Winston Churchill condemned Chamberlain’s Munich appeasement of Hitler in 1938, he had since the October Revolution of 1917 sought the destruction of Bolshevism. Michael Portillo is on record as saying that Churchill expected to win the 1945 General Election in Britain and intended to co-opt the defeated German forces to attack the Soviets.

The Ukrainian junta have failed to make friends with the Israelis, many of whom are descended from immigrants from Ukraine. While Jews suffered during the days of the Tsar and later, a disproportionate number of them were murdered by Ukrainians. In 1921 when the USA was restricting immigration it was reported that all of Poland’s 3,000,000 would have gone there if possible.

A high proportion of Bolshevik leaders were Jewish, and Churchill supported the Balfour Declaration, not out of any love for Jews, but regarding Zionism as a lesser evil than Bolshevism.

One of my sources is Bob Boothby. His cousin Ludovic Kennedy, called him a “Shit Of The Highest Order” to his face, on television,

How much of a good guy Boothby was can be explored under the heading “A Shit of the Highest Order”, The Story of the Charming Lord “Bob” Boothby.

I had nothing to do with compiling the story.

It starts with the Daily Mirror story of the Peer and the Gangster and a Scotland Yard Investigation into their connection and homosexual relations. The gangster was Ronnie Kray.

Boothby sued for libel and Harold Wilson’s fixer Lord Goodman saw to it that the newspaper paid Boothby £40,000 damages, a great fortune at the time. All the other papers were scared to write what they knew about the affair as the Krays terrorised the East End murdering at will and extended their protection rackets into Belgravia.

Lord Goodman was recognised as a crook who terrified newspapers with writs.  On behalf of Harold Wilson he set up the secretive IRISH TIMES TRUST following advice from British ambassador Andrew Gilchrist, who had previously orchestrated a fake media campaign resulting in a genocidal coup in Indonesia which had delivered the vast resources of that archipelago to western corporations,

The “IRISH TIMES” is a British puppet and is anti-Russian.

In February 1933 it warned of the danger of Fianna Fail, then a Republican party of being returned to office.In March 1933 it welcomed Hitler’s accession to power in Berlin, as a bulwark against Muscovite terror. THE TIMES of London, then, as now, drew a line that its Dublin imitator dared not question.



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