Posing as a benefactor of the Homeless, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was recently professionally photographed and just as professionally publicised by paid sycophants in the media.

Despite his education at Durham University the Prince seems an innocent abroad without the curiosity to investigate what his spin-doctors put before him. Thus he was prevailed upon some years ago to unveil a memorial to MI6 Agent Frank Foley, who it is claimed, risked his life while employed in the British Embassy in Berlin as Passport Control officer, to enable Jews to escape the Holocaust.

I don’t know how Foley performed as Passport Control Officer, but the British Embassy in Berlin was the safest address in Germany and, far from being persona non grata with the Nazis, Foley had been their honoured guest and collaborator more than six and a half years before Britain declared war on Germany.

Together with Guy Liddell of MI5, who flew in from London, Foley  spent many days copying thousands of membership files of Communist and anti-Nazi organisations in Horst Wessel Haus, (formerly Karl  Liebknecht Haus) which had been seized by the Nazis for their Berlin HQ from the Communists.

 As they doggedly set about their work they could hear the screams of leftists being beaten by Nazis in the building. Before taking the files back to Britain, Liddell was treated to dinner by Ribbentrop, Nazi Foreign Minister before returning with the files to London.

British Intelligence circulated the lists throughout its huge empire and beyond so that if anyone listed  on them surfaced was kept under surveillance.

 The British subject (born in Alexandria) Eric Hobsbawm, a 16 year old student in a socialist youth movement, had left for England a few weeks earlier. He died 79 years later, at the age of 95, in 2012.

His mail was read and his phone was tapped during all of those 79 years and, although he was well aware of this, that surveillance was an Official secret until 2 years after his death.

The full story of this was delivered by the writer Frances Stonor  Saunders in a speech in the British Library in 2015 and printed in THE LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS on 9th APRIL 2915 under the title Stuck on the Flypaper – MI5 and the Hobsbawm File.

An Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard wrote to Reinhard Heydrich (later architect of the Final Solution) days before Britain declared war on Germany in 1939,egretting that he couldn’t renew his contact with him. He had been expecting to be shown German security methods and to be shown around Dachau. By the time Foley and Liddell were transcribing German lists in 1933 , 25,000 Germans were in “protective custody” in the Reich and Dachau  had been opened as a concentration camp.

To pretend that MI5 and MI6 and British Security Forces were anti-Nazi in the 1930s is dishonest and Prince William has been taken for a fool by the spooks.

Source: Sex, Class and Power in the Age of Profumo by Richard Davenport-Hines.





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