The new head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders describes himself as the first man to take such command “in the shadow of a land war

in Europe, since 1941, and while not expressing any wish to join in the current land war, is  determined that his forces will do their damnedest to see that Russia is defeated.


I don’t know how much the General knows about events in 1941 or in decades preceding that land war. Great ignorance and  great insensitivity seems to go with high rank amongst British Statesmen.never mind bluff soldiers.


For instance, David Cameron, on a visit to St Petersburg, boasted that Britain had defeated Fascism, whereas it had bankrolled Mussolini from 1917 and George V had dubbed Musso  a Knight of the Bath. 


St Petersburg (Leningrad) had withstood a 900 day siege in which 800,000 of its citizens had perished, 


Then the Soviets liberated the countries which had embraced Europe in a struggle which cost the Soviets 26,000,000 dead.. 


The countries which embraced Fascism, plus Britain, which sponsored it, seem most given to Russophobic hysteria.


I’m not Bullshitting’


The British Agent HugPollard flew Franco from the Canary Islands to Spanish Morocco from which the mutineer launched his 40 year tyranny.


Pollard and served in the British Embassy in Madrid from 1939, an unrepentant Fascist while Britain was officially defending democracy.


 You can check that on  Wikipedia . And se my BLOG “TURDS OF A FEATHER – TWO GUYS NAMED POLLARD”.

British Naval and Military in Gibraltar facilitated the delivery of Italian War Equipment to Franco’s Mutineers.


In 1938 the Soviets, who had previously together with France (under a Popular Front Government) made an alliance with Czechoslovakia, had planes on the ground in Czechoslovakia, ready, willing and able, to defeat a German attack. Neville Chamberlain had flown to meet Hitler and, without deigning to meet the Czech Government instructed it to cede the Sudetenland.


 France reneged on the alliance made earlier, and the Czech Government asked their Soviet defenders to leave. Poland, which hade made a pact with Hitler in 1934 grabbed a slice of Czechoslovakia,


 The Soviets had requested the Poles let her ground forces through a small part of Poland for the defence the Czechs . The Poles refused.


Within a few months the Nazis seized all of Czechoslovakia including Europe’s most efficient armament plant, SKODA.


Britain had succeeded in its campaign to prime  Germany for an attempt destroy the Soviet Union. 


Stalin realized how he had been double crossed by Chamberlain, who had neither met him nor sent Senior Foreign Office or Defence Staff to consult with the Soviets,  Maxim Litvinov, Soviet Foreign Minister and architect of the alliance to protect the Czechs was replaced by Molotov.

Molotov and Nazi Foreign Minister then signed a Pact. Anti-Russian Humbugs profess to be scandalised by Stalin’s supposedly unique  perfidiousness in this matter.




The two main sources for these comments are


THE DARK VALLEY -A Panorama of the !930s by Piers Brendon -Keeper of the Churchill Archives and a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge


and THE DEVIL’S DECADE by Claud Cockburn whose comment during that decade were vindicated and retold in the book


Anothe commentator on the Era was ROBERT BOOTHBY TORY MP 1924-1958 translated to the House of Lords 1958, died 1988.


“BOOTHBY – A REBEL REMEMBERS” is memorable, and highly recommended, rogue though he was.


Boothy was intimate with Churchill. Lloyd George, Lady Dorothy McMillan, Ronnie Kray, met Stalin, Hitler, Somerset Maugham, Thomas Beecham

votedagainst Chamberlain’s Munich Deal,



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