William speaks out about black people and Britain

There are people who’ll tell you the Royals are too thick to understand the concept of irony. Not so.  Prince William has recently come out with a statement that makes clear  the Royals could give lessons in irony and still have time to meet and greet a line of bobbing sycophants  before afternoon tea.

The next-but-one occupant of the throne of England was scheduled to open a monument to the Windrush generation and has announced that racism still exists in Britain today. Who knew?

If you follow the soap opera that is The Windsors, you ‘ll know that William was among the Royals who worried aloud that the child to be born of the union between Prince Harry and Meighan Markle might come out darker-skinned than they would wish. As a result, Harry and Meighan were so hurt they fled the country with the few coppers (no, not policemen, Virginia) they had and set up in Montecitto, California, as nice a place to shelter from racist attacks as you could hope to find.

Racism springs from the notion that because you are black and I am white, I am therefore superior to you. Monarchy springs from the notion that because you are a commoner and I was born of Royal loins, I am therefore superior to you. So superior, in fact, that while I may have to ‘work’ to maintain my life-style of massive opulence, that work will rarely go beyond tugging the odd cord to unveil the odd monument or reading aloud  bland drivel written by a royal flunkey, paid (as you are yourself are) by those who are your inferiors. In fact, your subjects.

The best thing William could do would be to say that he’s young, this is the twenty-first century, and he refuses to carry on with this living fairytale of coaches and curtseys and flag-waving absurdity. Oh, and stop pretending to be a fan of Aston Villa.  


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