Opposition to British Corruption of the Good Friday Agreement





John M. Corcoran Esq, Chairman

Michael J. Cummings, Secretary

July 1, 2022

TO:  Members of Congress

FROM:  John Corcoran, Chairman

RE:  Opposition to British Corruption of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)


Britain continues to ignore concerns for the Irish peace process and is dismissive of the bi-partisan American political support it has secured.  The British rush to claim the U. S. “special relationship” when military and intelligence contracts are being sought but they have never been tempted to tell Americans the truth of their violent criminal legacy of corrupting peace and justice   in Ireland & N. I.  We note a few reasons to publicly question the   actions and policies of the British government and to oppose or condition any proposed US-UK trade deal. 


  • Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, without any sincere dialogue with the Irish government is pushing a bill in Parliament to gut the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) of the 2020 EU-UK treaty. The NIP was negotiated and signed in 2019 to give the UK desperately needed tariff free access to the EU Single Market.  Thus, the trade border was moved to the Irish Sea.   Truss’ action is part political stunt and part strategy to promote instability in NI. Brexiteers claim this is essential to “taking back control” keeping the ‘Kingdom’ united   while undermining the Good Friday Agreement (GFA).


  • Home Secretary Priti Patel, is anxious to avoid Britain being labeled a ‘State sponsor of terrorism.’ She proposes (Command Paper # 498) to end all investigations & prosecutions for killings of civilians many of which involve collusion between loyalists and British security services. For that reason, most of them were barely or never investigated.    Again, no UK dialogue with the Irish government.  The move is opposed by all in Ireland, N. I. and by the American based Ad Hoc Committee to Save the GFA.   Not, however by the Democratic Unionist Party once again doing Brexiteer’s bidding.  It is not stability or prosperity in NI the British want but political instability and the ability to defraud EU trade and commerce rules and regulations.      
  • Britain’s Cabinet papers (1949) confirmed there is to be no reunification of Ireland “even if the people of Northern Ireland desired it.” No matter what Treaty, Declaration or Agreement Britain signs or elections they run, Britain has shown little regard for  their obligations or subjects them  to interminable discussion.  Signing is a mere inconvenience.  Hence their opposition to the EU Court of Justice and contempt for the GFA.  Such pledges or obligations, for the Brexiteer, like those in the Atlantic Charter, the EU-UK treaty or the GFA are simply public relations stunts.


  • In May of this year, Ireland’s Taoiseach Martin stated “we are currently witnessing a denial of democracy” and the Irish Tanaiste Coveney stated “the British do not accept democratic decisions.” They refer directly to the 2016 NI vote to remain in the EU and to Britain’s subsequent efforts to delay the 2022 selection of a First Minister and the work of the NI Assembly to prevent the successful elected Sinn Fein officials from taking office. Again, a stunt to extract trade concessions from the EU.  A classic example of NI and the GFA being the first casualty of the madness of Brexit and the Brexiteer Brigade.


  • The commitment to transparency in the ‘new’ Atlantic Charter is continually abused by Britain and is an embarrassment to the U. S. For three decades the UK has conducted a cover-up of security services crimes.    Mark McGovern’s 2019 book Counterinsurgency in N. I. documents the extra-legal persecution of the legal Sinn Fein political party including the murder of the family, friends, neighbors and relatives of targeted Sinn Fein elected officials and workers.  Label it for what it is, ‘political cleansing.’


  • Lord Frost openly vows to destroy the NIP and to restore the partition border thus disrupting the positive increase in N-S trade on the island of Ireland and to diminishing NI exports to EU.   Brexit Minister Mogg supports breaking of international law because “the UK is more important than any agreement signed with a foreign power [United States].” EU Human Rights Commissioner Dunta Mijatovic states “proposals of Command Paper #498 are “incompatible with international law.” 

Britain continues to try and divide the EU and any Western alliance.  It has undermined the rule of law in NI for 100 years. Nearly 50 of those years passed before Britain stopped lying about the murders of Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy and stopped smearing the families of the victims.  Hundreds of such killings await justice.  Foreign Secretary Truss, stated recently” …America has grown compliant because of a spiritual crisis…what it stands for and how to defend its ideals.”  The arrogance and hypocrisy is breathtaking.  American ideals brought a peace to NI long denied by Britain’s sinister schemes.  It is time to show the British—-again—that it is not the US that has lost its way, but a gang of Brexiteers who fear the truth of their legacy in Ireland more than the electorate and pursued Brexit, or what Guardian journalist William Keegan labels “the gold standard of self-harm”,  to cover it up.

If there are any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at 215-280-3711 or 267-766-5028 or visit our website   americanbrexitcommittee.com.    

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