Michael Collins was killed 100 years ago today. Yesterday Fine Gael and Fianna Fail came together to praise this man, one of the founding fathers of the southern state. We wonder why…

Polls tell us that 7 out of 10 people believe there’ll be a united Ireland in 15-20 years’ time. Why do I grind my teeth when I hear that? Just as I grind ‘em when I hear people quote figures for and against ‘if a border poll was held tomorrow’?  Is it all a case of jam in 15 years time, never in 5 years time?

Did Michelle O’Neill speak no more than the truth when she said there was no alternative at the time to the IRA’s violence? Or is there always an alternative – for example, Pat’s record during the Troubles is sin-free, as is my own….

And finally – wouldn’t you love to be a FTSE chief? On average, they got a salary hike of 39% – which comes out at something over £3 million more. But hey – if they handed the raise to you, would you take it?

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