David Trimble held a difficult brief.  The Ministry of Defense, which actually runs Northern Ireland, demanded obedience to a cover-up strategy that drained him of robust health.    He so skillfully feigned British concern for Ireland’s peace he might well have earned a BAFTA* as well as a Nobel Peace Prize. His assigned role of ‘playing for time’ was actually from a Margaret Thatcher playbook.  Her counsel to those caught in the snare of her dirty war in Ireland was “not get caught and to go slow, slow on talks about talks.”  All of Trimble’s delays, denials, obstructions, and disruptions of the democratic process will soon succeed if Parliament adopts the ’amnesty’ statute burying Britain’s legacy of lawlessness in Ireland.  Funds provided in the proposed statute will ensure that every library in the English-speaking world will have the ‘true’ history of Northern Ireland; of brave and freedom loving English loyalists defeating terrorist scum and defending the Crown and Faith.   Oscar Wilde would no doubt place it right next to the British Peerage, Britain’s greatest piece of fiction!  

 With the passing of Lord Trimble, British rule in Ireland will little change. His last words of counsel were in opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol, an EU treaty provision  providing peace, stability and economic success on the island of Ireland never before achieved in the 100-year legacy of loyalism and its hatred.  America’s bi-partisan support of the Good Friday Agreement remains strong but Britain’s Conservatives remain indifferent even hostile to treaty obligations, international law, democracy or human rights.  


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