The death of Rachel Corrie – by Fra Hughes

Rachel Corrie was only 23 when she died In  Gaza in 2003.

A young American filled with humanity and a fighter for justice, she joined ISM the International Solidarity Movement and travelled to Gaza.

The organisation’s aim then as it is now is to record Israeli war crimes and protect where possible the lives and property of the Palestinians living under a brutal illegal military occupation.

In 2003 Gaza, just like the West Bank today, was subject to Israeli military law

There were illegal Zionist settlements and several thousand armed colonial settlers, who were not unknown to use violence against the indigenous oppressed people when it suited them to do so

Even though the occupation was illegal, the authorities decided, just like they do in the West Bank, to demolish Palestinian homes and leave those families destitute, living on the street.

During one of these illegal home demolitions  a brave young Rachel  Corrie stood defiantly in front of the Israeli bulldozer.

Eye-witnesses are adamant the driver saw her

After a brief stand-off he simply ran her down and then reversed over her.

Rachel was murdered on the 16 March 2003.

Her murderer was never charged. Her family received no justice and Rachel like Tom Hurndal and Victorio Aragoni are only remembered by their friends and family but also by millions of Palestinians .

The late Alan Rickman helped co-author a play My Name is Rachel Corrie  based on her diaries and emails to home.


This play directed by MaIre McNally and acted by Rosie McNally will be hosted in the West Club Falls Road Belfast this coming Friday and Saturday night.

Doors open 7.30 pm;   pay begins 8.15pm,  followed by music.

All proceeds to Palestine Aid, a locally registered charity which donates 1000 dollars monthly to Gaza.

Follow us Palestine Aid Belfast on Facebook to see our monthly reports 

Tickets from eventbrite, the West Club or Fra Hughes.

Fra will be signing copies of his books My walk with Palestine and Voices from Donbas at the venue 

Donations can be made here


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