The farce of drugs and the legal system

Big news from Longford. Earlier this week €8.4 million in cocaine was flown in by private airplane and two men have now appeared in court. Their cases will come up in August and September.

Are you pleased with that news? Successful garda operation in war against drugs? I’m not.

There must be scarcely a town in Ireland where you can’t get your hands on drugs – including cocaine. Those who sell them make money on them as well as run risks. Why? Because people want drugs.

There are two bad things about this situation. One is that the demand for drugs is as high as it clearly is. What is wrong with people’s lives that they want to ingest drugs and get out of their head, even when they know that drugs can be bad for your body? And what is wrong with the authorities, that they continue this stupid and highly expensive war on drugs?

Granted, there has been some movement. Around 38  US states now allow the sale of marijuana. All of Canada allows the sale of marijuana. And the sky hasn’t fallen.

It’s not as if we haven’t got a perfect model. In the 1920s US, there was a thing called Prohibition. Booze was bad so booze was banned. What happened? They saw that the hooch ban was unenforceable.

How long have you been listening to talk about ‘the war on drugs’, and from time to time seen a police officer preening himself beside a big drugs haul? But how many drugs have evaded our enforcers of the law?  Enough to make drugs easily available in every town in Ireland.

It’s time the war on drugs was ended, and sold legally. Yes, start with soft drugs first if you want. But I’m prepared to bet the farm that legalised drugs won’t lead to a breakdown in society. I mean, have you seen the money big Pharma makes on legal drugs that wash through the veins of our elderly and even less elderly citizens?

Stop insulting our intelligence, guys. Stop the war on drugs and give peace a chance.

One Response to The farce of drugs and the legal system

  1. Kieran McCarthy August 8, 2022 at 8:44 pm #

    Has the legal alcohol industry got something to do with why there is a war on drugs?