Truth is beyond the Pale in the “FREE WORLD” 

Witness Julian Assange. Witness the blackout in the Western media of anything that might embarrass all the American President’s men, the recipients of Lockheed’s largesse at their luncheon in Dublin.

In fact it reminded me of Madam Cynthia Payne who ran a knockshop in London’s Streatham. Clients to her premises were given outdated luncheon vouchers on payment of £25.  The £25 went to Cynthia alone. The clients could choose whichever young lady they chose. And the young lady and her client could make whatever arrangement they liked with each other after that. The premises were snooped on by Metropolitan Policemen who counted some 250 male and 50 female visitors to the premises over a few days.

Rumour had it that bishops and judges, generals and admirals and Cabinet ministers were amongst the visitors. A cartoon showed a man of the cloth, (but not too much of it) during the police raid, telling the coppers that he wanted to talk to his solicitor, in flagrante delicto in the adjoining room.

It was fun to read in the papers in 1978, but innocuous compared with what was kept out of the papers.

What with “D” Notices and the Official Secrets and the Old Boys’ Network, what the Establishment was really up to was tightly concealed from the public in 1978 and is more tightly hidden today. 

When Paul Foot wrote “Who Framed Colin Wallace” in 1989 he had it published in  a hurry, less THE OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT be amended to stop its publication

In 1849 when THE TREASON FELONY ACT was passed to imprison John Mitchel and others, it deemed even the  advocacy of the peaceful abolition of the monarchy punishable by life imprisonment. During the past 20 years or so, the Guardian sought to establish whether that Section of the Act was still in force, They got nowhere. So it seems the matter is an Official Secret.

Anyhow, by chance I recently opened a present I got back in 2011 – PRIVATE EYE – THE FIRST 50 YEARS.

Paul Foot, God rest that honest atheist, has been dead these 18 years, With his passing went most of the brains and virtually all of the balls attached to that magazine.

The magazine says that there were many reasons for it  to hate Lord Goodman when he was alive and, I can see no reason why any person of good will should honour his memory now that he is gone. For he was a thoroughly bad man, like some others whose misdeeds only escaped to the public domain after his death.

Goodman was a solicitor who, in a less polite society, would have been reputed as the son of a whore. 

He rose, or was elevated, to become, amongst other things Chairman of (Britain’s) Arts Council, Master of University College, Oxford, Director of the Royal Opera House, Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Chairman of the Observer Trust, and Chairman of the Newspaper Proprietors’ Association.

In 1972 he was made a Companion of Honour.

Over a 30-year period he  administered a family trust for Lord Portman, who, following Goodman’s death in 1995, alleged that he stole £10,000,000 from it, part of which he donated to the Labour Party. Goodman had been made a Life Peer in 1965 and sat as a cross-bencher.

Lord Goodman was ready to serve a writ in the blink of an eye to KEEP NEWS OUT OF THE PAPERS.”He had a hand” says Private Eye, ” in the glossing over of every establishment scandal from Profumo to Jeremy Thorpe.” 

When the Tory  Lord  Boothby was openly associating with the murdering gangsters, the Kray twins, one of whom, Ronnie Kray, was supplying him with male partners

The Sunday Mirror published the story, but was forced to pay the enormous sum, at the time, of £40,000 in libel damages, The Labour Party sought to persuade the paper’s chairman, Cecil King, to go easy. The Labour MP, Lord Driberg (who contributed crosswords and other items, to Private Eye, was an even more rampant homosexual than Boothby, never having pleasured woman. Boothby married twice and cuckolded  Harold Macmillan over many decades, to Mac’s knowledge. Driberg hung around with the Krays’ entourage also.

Goodman was known as Harold Wilson’s Fixer. Westminster Whips keep their leaders informed of the peccadilloes of MPs and the shock-horror exhibited by Harold Wilson during the Profumo Affair was bogus, as was the  behaviour of the police, the media and the lying Lord Denning. The unfortunate Christine Keeler was a comparative  innocent.

The crimes of the grotesque Robert Maxwell escaped the scrutiny of the public he swindled, because he had Goodman’s protection.

Media moguls as a rule are not a pretty bunch, but even amongst them, Maxwell was a larger than life liar and monster.

Lord Goodman’s power extended beyond the UK, for, acting as Harold Wilson’s agent, he set up the secretive, oathbound, IRISH TIMES TRUST.

Evil though Goodman was, he was in the ha’penny league compared with Sir Andrew Gilchrist.

Sir Andrew was British Ambassador in Dublin in 1969 and his role in establishing THE IRISH TIMES TRUST is explained in my Blog “BRITISH DIPLOMACY AND THE IRISH TIMES TRUST dated 30 May 2021.

A few months before arranging for the Trust, he, together with the UK’s Ambassador at the UN, Lord Caradon (a.k.a Hugh Foot. father of  Paul Foot and brother of Michael Foot) outsmarted Ireland’s recently appointed Minister for External Affairs Patrick Hillery when Hillery raised Irish concerns about the developing violence in the North. Not only did they outsmart the neophyte, they out-smirked him, Gilchrist recording their fooling him in his diary. And they left Hillery with the delusion that he had done a good job for Ireland.

Four years previously Sir Andrew Gilchrist was Ambassador to Indonesia. He secretly orchestrated a media campaign and bloody coup which overthrew President Sukarno and installed General Suharto as a dictator stooge of Western powers, putting the staggeringly vastmnatural resources of the archipelago in the pockets of western multinational corporation. Upwards of a million trade unionists and socialists were murdered, from a list supplied by the CIA and some of the murder teams were shipped between the islands on British naval vessels.

The Australian journalist JOHN PILGER  over 20 years ago wrote a detailed account of the genocidal coup in Indonesia and Sir Andrew Gilchrist’s key role in it. Gilchrist was no maverick but a loyal subject of his monarch, serving the government headed by Harold Wilson.

A few years ago some of the dirty dealings were declassified.

Sir Andrew Gilchrist told his Foreign Office colleague that he was destroying his correspondence re the Irish Times, but the colleague stupidly kept his copy. which was declassified and placed in the Public Records Office in 1999 under the 30 year rule. Each year as such records are released, scholars and journalists rush to examine them and broadcast them to the world. As 1969 was an unusually dramatic one in Ireland, the failure of mainstream media to discover such an amazing document is hard to credit, but easy to understand.

The IRISH TIMES was happier to conceal than reveal its business. Independent Newspapers were owned by Sir Tony O’Reilly, who was hardly going to look the gift horse who gave him his title in the mouth. Besides, he had overseas fish to fry. (Excuse the cliches)


In the “Free World”  truth is regarded as too precious to be wasted on the plebs. In Ireland it’s kept from Palesmen and Culchies alike.



In December 2002, three years after Gilchrist’s self-incriminating letter was place in the Public Record Office, Jack Lane of the Aubane Historical Society discovered it and revealed it to the Irish media. The Establishment treated him as if he had broken wind in a lift.


What can one expect from a man from beyond the Pale?




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