It must take little to upset him.
It took a murderous attack on the Crimean Bridge celebrated by the Ukraine Junta and its NATO sponsors with a recording of Marilyn Monroe’s greeting to JFK’s on the latter’s birthday on President Putin on HIS 70th Birthday, to provoke the latter to remove one of the kid gloves he has worn since February.
When Frank Aiken, the (Fianna Fail) Irish Foreign Minister, embarked, (in1958) on the 10-year campaign which resulted in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Soviets wanted the destruction of  all nuclear weapons. The United States did not seek their destruction. The compromise Treaty on Non-Proliferation was signed first, by Aiken, in MOSCOW, at the invitation of the Soviets.
When the Soviet Union broke up, the UKRAINE held a huge stock of nuclear weapons. This year the
Ukraine sought to have such weapons back on its soil, effectively undoing Frank Aiken’s work.
Which is why President Putin, long provoked by the Ukrainian regime and its puppet-masters, launched its Limited Military Campaign on 27th February.
The Russians have long experience in defending their cities from aggressors and taking those of their attackers Leningrad withstood an 900 day siege and lost 800,000 citizens. Stalingrad buried a huge German invasion force. I read that 2 million Soviet troops were within a few hundred metres of Hitler’bunker in Berlin when he shot himself.
The Western media would have us believe that President Putin intended to seize and occupy Kiev,
a city of upwards of 4 million people. An ex-Corporal in the part-time FCA, of whom  there are
thousands like this Blogger, has, as a rule of thumb understood, that all other things being
equal, it takes at least three attackers to overcome a well dug in defender, 
But the Western Media, under the thumb of their Governments, would have you believe that
the Russian President and Army intended to take and occupy Kiev as the Soviets did with
Berlin in 1945.
The Western media would have you believed that the Russians sabotaged their own under-sea
sea gas pipelines. All they had to do was shut the gas off at source and wait till the rest of Europe
came to its senses and resumed buying the gas at reasonable rates.
I’m neither an uncritical friend, nor a mindless foe of any country or people. By and large I
like people, whatever their nation, creed or colour.
I even like most Irish people, but I’ve little regard for most of their political parties today.
Nor their media.


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