On behalf of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak has labelled Russia a Rogue State.


England/ “Great” Britain/ the “United” KIngdom, was long ago labelled “Perfidious Albion” by her neighbours.


She is in dispute with them today over a protocol she signed quite recently. She has been and has continued

to be a Warfare State with no interludes. With the possible exception of the days of the Spanish Armada she participated in aggressive campaigns when neither her territory nor her legitimate interests were threatened. These were not conducted in a chivalrous manner and she treated her own lower-ranking servicemen with as much unnecessary cruelty as she did her acknowledged adversaries.


She has always lied, not merely as a battle tactic to fool her enemies, a temporary ruse, but as a strategy to dupe her own population and those of other countries until Kingdom Come.


Today the lies about Germany spread from 1904, the year of the Entente Cordiale and the secretive Committee of Imperial Defence are replicated in anti-Russian propaganda. 


The BBC is not free to broadcast the truth or features that would reveal facts unpalatable to British propaganda. It has had MI6 Spooks and ex Cabinet Secretaries on its Board of Directors. The Foreign Office has admitted that its largest section, with some 1,300 members was dedicated to propaganda. Including the promotion of a coup involving over a million murders.


The other day BBC Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban was talking about Ukraine. I remember that ex-Army Officer describing the Bloody Sunday Murders as a Public Relations Own Goal


I have worked in Dublin and in London with numerous ex-combatants from various conflicts. Not one of them were braggarts.

The present British Cabinet is full of braggarts,

Tom Tugendhat presents as a cross between Clive Barrow and Salvatore Guiliano in his narcissism and boasts of an eight-hour gunfight against overwhelming odds. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is little better. And both are anxious to take over from Sunak. Perhaps they should fight it out with Bullshit Shooters at Dawn?

Meanwhile TV has a series on the psychopathic founders of the SAS, written by an apparently ex-Spook commentator from THE TIMES. 

When the SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy in 1980, THE TIMES, with unusual courage raised an editorial eyebrow. The SAS had performed an extrajudicial “execution” on a disarmed prisoner. The paper has not shown such courage since. 

When the SAS behaved similarly in Gibraltar, and a woman witness revealed what she had seen she was traduced by the British media and called a whore.

The Irish Establishment has joined in the stone-throwing at Russians led by the British.  It has jettisoned the rational, ethical  and constructive policies pursued by de Valera at the League of Nations and by Frank Aiken at the United Nations and is in breach of the Constitutional requirement of promoting the peaceful resolution  of international disputes.




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