Scotland and Ireland wait for their master’s voice

Thursday was a tale of two cities: Edinburgh and Belfast. Those gathered in both shared a similar goal – to govern their own country. Not really asking too much.  In Ukraine,  the Western world hails the Ukrainians . Only yesterday Britain delivered three war helicopters to add to the massive supply of arms the Ukraine has already got, and continues to get from the West. Clearly war and destruction is a  price worth paying so Ukraine can be master in its own house.

Not so for the Scots. In Edinburgh Nichola Sturgeon was informed that her country could not hold an independence  referendum. What Britain has it holds. Back to the Edinburg drawing board, Nichola.

Belfast was a bit different. There, speaker after speaker in the Ulster Hall  produced reasons for a border poll that would reunite Ireland. In this case, London didn’t send a refusal. The British Secretary of State said nothing because he didn’t need to. Despite all the gallant words spilled in the Ulster Hall, the British say they will allow a border poll in Ireland only when the British believe nationalists would win it.  How will they know that the time has come?   That’s a closely guarded secret. 

Meanwhile, both Ireland and  Scotland must wait,  as The Proclaimers sang, cap in hand. That’s sad, bad news but a fact. The good news is that the mood in both Scotland and Ireland is becoming increasingly impatient. Waiting for Westminster approval may soon become intolerable. If Ukraine is entitled to its independence, then it’s hardly asking too much that our  English masters step   aside  for Scotland and Ireland.




One Response to Scotland and Ireland wait for their master’s voice

  1. Patricia Davidson November 26, 2022 at 8:01 am #

    Or their Master’s whip. The British philosophy is one of “what we have we hold” and by any means at our disposal. But Charles Stuart Parnell set the tone for us so long ago “no man (or administration) can halt halt the march of a nation’. So roll on, we can wait a while longer and with Pearse’s words ringing in our ears – “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”. Never doubt the words. Slan x