ChatGPT and a reunited Ireland

I am just off the phone from a conversation with one of my sons who lives in London. We were talking about ChatGPT and as we spoke, he put in these two questions and the result. Amazing. ChatGPT talks more sense in three minutes than 90% of DUP politicians talk in a lifetime…

Judge for yourself

Q: List the arguments for a United Ireland that would convince unionists to vote for it

Economic benefits: A united Ireland could result in increased economic growth, reduced trade barriers, and increased investment opportunities.
Political stability: A united Ireland would eliminate the need for a separate government in Northern Ireland, which would reduce the political tensions and increase stability.
Improved public services: With a larger population and increased resources, a united Ireland could provide better public services, such as healthcare and education.
Cultural unity: A united Ireland would allow for a stronger sense of cultural unity and identity among the Irish people, both north and south of the border.
International recognition: A united Ireland would have greater international recognition and standing, which would result in increased influence on the global stage.
Historical legacy: A united Ireland would fulfill the historical legacy of a unified Irish nation, which has been sought after for centuries.
Protection of rights and freedoms: A united Ireland would ensure the protection of rights and freedoms for all citizens, regardless of religion or political beliefs.
Reduced conflict: A united Ireland would reduce the likelihood of political or sectarian conflict, which has been a persistent issue in Northern Ireland for many years.
What about the European Union aspect 
EU membership: A united Ireland would ensure continuity of membership in the European Union, which would provide benefits such as access to the single market, trade opportunities, and the ability to shape EU policies. This would also provide stability and security for businesses and individuals in a united Ireland.
Improved EU representation: A united Ireland would have a stronger voice in the EU, allowing for better representation of Irish interests and greater influence in shaping EU policies that affect Ireland.
Access to funding: A united Ireland would have access to EU funding and support for infrastructure, regional development, and other initiatives that can boost economic growth and improve the standard of living for citizens.

One Response to ChatGPT and a reunited Ireland

  1. PaulG February 10, 2023 at 6:57 pm #

    It’s intelligence may be artificial, but unlike much of Unionism, at least it has some.

    I’m reminded of the Red Dwarf episode where we learned that the Cat, was the last of a society that evolved from the unwanted and abandoned remnants of the ships compliment. The intelligent and capable had snook away, headed for pastures new, without their ‘liability’ component.

    Could this be how the US got so much of the Ulster Protestant talent, including several Presidents, while Northern Ireland was left with the DUP ?