The breathtakingly dishonest findings of the Widgery Tribunal into the Bloody Sunday massacre of January 1972 were finally dumped in the trashbin by Lord Saville’s  Report in 2010, 38 years after the atrocity. Prime Minister David Camera publicly declared the Widgery Report a travesty, and those murdered innocent of rioting or other provocation of the murderers.

To this day not a single one of the low- ranking scoundrels who pulled the triggers nor the arch-scoundrels those who planned the operation, nor those who awarded “Gongs” to the culprits has faced punishment on earth.

Nor have the media, such as THE TIMES which published glowing obituaries on Lord Widgery.

 I remember seeing on TV, the BBC’s current Diplomatic Correspondent (and former British Army Officer), Mark Urban, describe Bloody Sunday as a Public Relations Blunder.

I suppose former German Nazis might say the same of Hitler and his admirers’ role in the Holocaust.

I mentioned “outliers” in Ireland. And here I must name two.

Conor Cruise O’Brien and his wife Maire Mhac an tSaoi, in 1972 published a Concise History of Ireland. The couple were amongst  the most learned persons on the planet, experienced in diplomacy, politics and news, as could be deduced by a reading of the book.

But both “blotted their copybook” by writing that on January 30th 1972 the British Army hadshot “rioters” in Derry.

By the time in February 1982 the Cruiser, as Editor in Chief of THE OBSRVER was amongst those who pronounced Harold Evans, of the lying TIMES, Editor of the Year, the Cruiser had done more for Britain than a fleet of Battleships.

He had been appointed by THE OBSRVER’s owner David (Lord) Astor who had close links with MI6 and was believed to himself be one of its spooks.



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