Russian Roulette The Rouble rises as  European economies crumble.Has Biden bitten off more than he and Nato can swallow? -by Fra Hughes


Is it really one year already?

Did anyone say it would be over by Christmas like they did in 1914 ? 

Well Christmas has come and gone and very much like the trenches of the First World War, ground lost and won can some times be measured in single digit metres and kilometres.

To be fair Russia is doing most of the winning and Ukraine is doing much of the losing.

How did this ever come to pass?

Well context and history will show that American leaders promised Russian leaders that Nato would not expand one inch east towards the Russian borders after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They lied.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 Nato in tandem with the European Union have marched steadily towards Russias borders and now many of the ex Soviet satellite states are now defacto EU and Nato members with American /Nato nuclear bases now within strike range of Russian cities,military infrastructure and the Kremlin , is literally only a few minutes away from a Nato  missile attack

As part of this encroachment policy each country which borders the Russian Federation is a geopolitical target for American /Nato/EU recruitment .

If they can hoodwink the populations of the targetted states with promises of a land of milk and honey within the Eurpean Union and compliant state establishments and political leaders encourage a Yes vote for accession into the Nato dominated EU , then another piece of the jigsaw puzzle of a new Russophobic Europe is complete 

If however the targetted state in this case Ukraine does not toe the line of American client states then unpopular coups are the orders of the day.

Witness Maidan Square ,in 2014 the fascist stormtroopers of American imperialism lead the violent murderous insurrection of a western financed and armed coup and voila,as the French might say a country opposed to joining Nato and the EU whose leaders had planned that Ukraine would remain a neutral sovereign state where forced to flee for their lives from the fascist lynch mob and Ukraine became a defacto  fascist armed camp whose political policies where being dictated by the democratic party leaders in DC and not the undemocratic , unelected coup leaders in Kiev.

The fascists now in charge in Ukraine began the systematic repression of the Russia language, Russian culture  and the Russian speaking peoples of Crimea and Donbas , political opposition was banned ,and the militarily occupation of Lugansk and Donetsk began

The seeds of Ukraines implosion may have been sown during the second World War where many Ukranian fascists joined the German army and committed heinous war crimes against their fellow Ukrainians,to include Jews,communists,socialists and those they considered racially impure.

Those seeds were then watered , nutured and harvested by the imperialist hegemonic west in 2014 .

The result? Two breakaway Ukranian Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk which are now members of the Russian Federation.The Crimea is now also a part of the Russian Federation ,we have witnessed the deaths of over 14,000 Eastern Ukranians murdered by their own government between 2014 and 2022 ,two broken agreements Minsk one and Minsk two and the duplicitous clown of a President in Kiev and a stumbling, bumbling, mumbling forgetful clown of a President in Washington both intent on fighting Russia to the last 16 year old Ukrainian boy or girl? 

As part of the American/ Nato strategy to put boots on the ground,planes in the air and nuclear missiles within a few minutes reach of Moscow their brinkmanship has led us to the cusp of a global engulfment with potential nuclear escalation.

The west’s combined greed, coupled with its need to remain the dominant World super powers back by American military superiority, has created a false sense of invincibility and a level of brinkmanship that defies logic 

From instigating a regime change coup in 2014, to being signatories of the internationally recognised  Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 accords, the west to include the leaders In Berlin Paris and Kiev have blatantly lied, by signing Agreements they had no intention of implementing.

They have now stated publicly that those accords were simply used to misdirect Moscow of their true intentions which included the reorganisation and rearmament of the Ukraine fascist led forces , to include the reoccupation and possible attendant massacres In the now independent republics of Lugansk,Donetsk and Crimea.

The Russian special military operation to denazify Ukraine began In February 2022.

Its sole purpose was to defend the new republics from a fascist led pogrom ,the  possible massacre and brutal repression of local Russian speaking citizens,many of whom have memories of  the German/Ukranian brutal nazi occupation and war crimes committed against them by the Ukraine Banderite fascists in 1941

America started this war with its fascist led coup in 2014.

Many people refused to live under an unelected fascist junta and they  resisted

The threatened Ukrainian invasion reoccupation and possible massacre of civilians in the breakaway republics forced Moscow to intervene to protect the populace. An intervention that was 8 years late. 

Russia believed Germany and France when they said they would guarantee Kiev would comply with the Minsk Agreements.

They lied ,Russia was deceived ,Kiev was rearmed and the Russian Federation given no choice but to conceive of a plan to defend the innocent from slaughter 

The outcome is a defacto Nato American  Russian war in Eastern Ukraine.

The sanctions imposed by the west have backfired. 

Germany is being deindustrialised.

The collective western imperialist countries, the empires of old are heading into recession. 

The rest of the global South,Asia,Africa and others who account for 87% of the worlds population are now focusing on a multipolar world order, where respect tolerance acceptance and mutually compatible interests combine to the benefit of all parties.

Economic growth through sustainable partnership.

Coutries that believe in observing  international law are coming together to form a new world order.

The threat of mutual  nuclear destruction is being replaced with the promise of mutual Co operation.

Uncle (Joe) Biden and the democratic parties war on Russia has spectacularly backfired.

Mishandled and misjudged from the very start the dream of balkanising Russia for the benefit of American and European capital has failed.

The hope of fragmenting the Russian Federation for profit and plunder is over.

American hegemony is failing.

It is only in writing this piece that I now realise the true hope that lays before us.

Hope in humanity,hope in a better more equal world and hope for future generations born into a more progressive tolerant multi polar world.

I have visited Donetsk and Lugansk and have many friends there.

Russia has won the war both within and without of Ukraine on the political,ethical and military battlefields. 

What we must all do now is demand Zelensky goes, after all he was elected on a mandate of seeking peace with the people of Eastern Ukraine not to butcher them.

A negotiated comprehensive peace deal must be concluded,although going by the sad shenanigans of the west how could russia possibly believe anything Kiev and others might sign..

I am content to let other describe the depth of the war and how it has progressed on the battlefield. 

I see the bigger prize. Global peace secured by mutual honourable advocates for multipolarism

The end of western imperialist hegemony, which invades and destroys its targetted enemies causing millions of deaths, displacements and refugees

Hasn’t the poor of the world been occupied,exploited and mistreated enough?

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