Russia gave Ukraine a substantial repayable loan in 2013 and Ukraine has ratted on the agreement.
The loan was in Eurobonds. Disputes on such loans are referred to the Supreme Court of the United 
Russia has made a claim for a return of its money.
Ukraine claims that the contract it signed with Russia was made under duress and is unenforceable in law.
The UK Supreme Court appears ready to accept the Ukrainian excuse for ratting on their obligation.
In December 1921 Irish delegates were prevailed upon to accept an offer they couldn’t refuse when
David Lloyd George threatened an immediate terrible war on Ireland. It was a scene that might well
have inspired THE GODFATHER.
Surely Ireland has a right to claim damages fom the United Kingdom for the evil consequences in
lost and ruined lives and livelihoods, economic underdevelopment arising from such duress?
And a UK Supreme Court should be bound both in law and in honour to find in Ireland’s favour.
And pigs might fly!

One Response to A MATTER FOR JUDGEMENT – by Donal Kennedy

  1. Another Jude March 22, 2023 at 6:50 pm #

    Britain will have to pay compensation, say 50 Billion Pounds, for the havoc they have inflicted on Ireland. That money should assuage any fears about pensions and health care in the new, free, United Ireland.